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The process of creating a physical printed image from a photograph.

2 votes

Is this a reasonable answer to a complaint that my enlargements were not super sharp?

Full bleed is always cropped either by printing on larger paper and cropping with a paper cutter or by using a larger image and printing beyond the edges of the paper. … Printing is an art. …
0 votes

Printing code 49 on back of old photos

Most likely the code doesn’t mean anything anymore. It was for internal use in the lab where the photo was processed to help return the right pictures to the right customers. Maybe a former owner of t …
26 votes

How do I prevent my photos being stolen by the print shop?

To absolutely prevent a print shop from stealing your photos, buy or rent a printer and print the photographs yourself. This will also require buying appropriate paper. And perhaps color calibration f …
6 votes

Downsides to using test strips from different packages of photo paper?

Leftover test strips imply that you have more test strips than you need. Implies that a pack of paper includes enough test strips (or more than enough depending on how you look at it). This suggests t …
3 votes

What steps should I be taking specifically for print when shooting?

Owning a printer and printing regularly is the best way to learn the process from end to end. In part because there is one less variable. In part because the feedback loop is tighter. … Otherwise printing is an experimental process. Just like everything else in photography. The simpler you make the process of setting up and running experiments the more you will learn. …
1 vote

What setting in Lightroom export can affect resolution when printing

My guess is the problem was operator error at the print shop. Specifically, the operator was right clicking on a thumbnail and downloading that instead of the linked image. It probably started working …
0 votes

Adapt to uncalibrated printer

The first step is to calibrate your monitor. This is under your control. The second step is to print the pictures using a calibrated printer/media/ink combination. This is not directly under your cont …
0 votes

What does it mean when a scanner or printer has asymmetric resolution (e.g., 600 x 1200)?

It means the logical pixels are rectangular rather than square. The hardware pixels are probably rectangular, but not necessarily.
1 vote

How can I compare histograms between a digital image and it’s print

The industry standard method would use two transforms encoded as ICC profiles. The input device would use an mapping from its color characteristics to the Profile Connection Space. Likewise the output …