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For questions pertaining to photographic filters, which are usually glass or plastic accessories that are either screwed onto the lens or otherwise added in the optical path. Use "effect" or "post-processing" for software-based "digital filters".

IR (and IR/UV) blocking filters are commonly used in astrophotography (since most telescopes with refractive elements are only corrected in the visual range, though there are some corrected out to …
answered Jul 1 '17 by JerryTheC
their calculations. Not sure how big an impact leaving the filter out in a telelphoto would have, especially since the thichness of gelatine and glass filters is quite different, but presumably there's a reason the manufacturer says it should be there. …
answered Jul 24 '17 by JerryTheC
thickness of the filter glass) - This is why many lenses (especially Manual focus ones) that use rear filters usually have a clear filter installed for normal use, to keep the focus in sync with the … problem. I have a vague memory that some rear filter lenses didn't come with a clear filter for normal use, but were intended for use with thin gelatine(?) filters - presumably since they're a lot thinner than typical glass ones, the shift is a lot less. …
answered Dec 9 '18 by JerryTheC
amount when the polarisation directions are at 90 degrees to each other. Many older polarising filters were linear ones - and that sounds like what your rectangular filter is. But there's also a …
answered Dec 31 '17 by JerryTheC
, a light ray at the edge of the FOV goes sideways by a bit over 0.617mm. You probably need to add a few mm for a step up ring to attach the bigger filters to the camera, so lets say 3mm for that … probably want to go for 95mm (which might give you slight vignetting on the corners with thicker filters - it depends whether the original 77mm is actually needed, or whether that's just the closest …
answered Oct 14 '17 by JerryTheC