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The word photography means "drawing with light". Controlling or selecting the light a camera records is essential to all aspects of photographic composition.

2 votes

How do you avoid a dim portrait with a bright background and no external flash?

Frankly, your photo already looks pretty good to me — it just needs a bit more brightening. Assuming that you shot it in RAW mode with low ISO, you should be able to brighten it up considerably more …
3 votes

How do I take a photo of people before a bright window?

When you shoot directly against the light, all that ends up in the picture is the shadowed side of the subject, so that the entire subject is left dark and flat. … Moving slightly off to the side allows the subject to be partially lit by the light coming in from the window, giving it much more contrast. …
8 votes

What to look for in a compact camera to take picture of black dog?

It would help if you said which camera model you're currently using, since different compact cameras (even from the same era, manufacturer and price range) can have wildly different feature sets. Tha …
27 votes

How can I take a photo of a dark bar with a bright sign?

You could've probably got a decent result just by picking an intermediate exposure. Alternatively, you can try to take a short and a long exposure of the same scene, and combine them digitally afterw …
2 votes

Why can't I shoot with a fast shutter speed with my continuous light at max power?

As others have noted, you just don't have enough light to shoot at the aperture, shutter speed and ISO you want. … Besides adding more light or using a longer exposure time (and trying to minimize camera vibration while doing so), you can also try taking multiple images and stacking them together. …