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Question on camera settings

  1. If these are the settings and I need better exposure do I increase shutter speed, decrease ISO, widen aperture or decrease shutter speed?

Settings Focal length 300mm ISO 400 Aperture 5.6 Shutter Speed 1/4000

  1. If the settings are the ones below How should the settings in camera be adjusted to make it a bit sharper next time? decrease ISO, increase shutter speed, increase ISO and shutter speed or decrease shutter speed?

Settings Focal length 24mm ISO 100 Aperture 5.6 Shutter Speed 1/125

  1. If there's a really grainy photo. Not much natural light here and a tripod was available. What should be changed in settings to decrease the noise in the photo?

Settings Focal length 12mm ISO 6400 Aperture 5.4 Shutter Speed 1/30

Increase ISO, aperture and shutter speed, Decrease shutter speed and ISO, increase ISO and aperture or increase shutter speed and aperture?