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any Hitech Reverse ND Grad users out there?

I just received my new Hitech Reverse ND Grad 0.9 today ... and it doesn't look like reverse at all .. I tried putting on a white paper .. it just look like a normal ND Hard Grad filter .. I tried looking through my window .. I can't see any difference in the middle bit and top bit .. I looked through the view finder it shows no difference between bottom bit and top bit. This is my first Reverse ND Grad but I already own few ND Hard and Soft Grad.

On the receipt it does say "Hitech 100x150mm ND reverse Grad 0.9" and even on the filter .. it says "ND 0.9 RG" ... i assume RG means Reverse Graduated ... Are there any use experience that before ? or Did i receive a wrong/defect item?