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In brief:

All Nikon F-mount lenses, apart from a few specialist lenses, can be used on almost all Nikon digital camera bodies that accept interchangeable lenses.

That includes all D-series DSLRs and, with a Nikon adapter, all Z-series or 1-series mirrorless/compact-systems-camera types.

Depending on the exact details, you may lose ability to use the autofocus capability and automatic exposure capability of the lens and body. You could still use the lens in manual-focus and/or manual-exposure modes.

In a little more detail:

Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 35-105MM 1:3.5-4.5

There have been several different lenses with that description.

Given that you bought it around the same time as the F401x was on the market, it is almost certainly an F-mount full-frame lens but is probably an AF-D type lens.

Nikkor 35-105
An F mount lens (of that type) will fit on any Nikon F-mount digital camera body - including those with either full-frame or with APS sized sensors (Which Nikon call DX sensors for which F-mount DX lenses are designed).

To work on Nikon's Z-mount camera bodies, like the Z50, you need a special FTZ adapter.

On now defunct Nikon-1 bodies you'd need an FT1 adapter.

Your lens may be the type that requires a focus-drive motor in the camera body with a mechanical focus coupling for autofocus operation. Few current digital cameras provide that drive, so this type of lens can often only be used in manual-focus mode ("M" on the mode dial).

F_mount digital body
Nikon digital camera body with mechanical focus-drive coupling at 7 O'Clock position. The D610, D750, D850, D7500 for example, have this coupling and should work well with the lens pictured above.

See Nikon AF Lens Designation

which digital camera is compatible with this zoom?

I can't give you a full list, but I hope the above information will be helpful in finding a body.

If I was in your shoes and looking for a low-cost option, I'd sell your old lens on eBay and look at either a Z50 or D5600 with kit-lens.

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