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Do I have the copyrights to post a picture I took of someone on instagram?

A girl messaged me on Instagram to take boudoir pictures of her at her house. I went to her house, took her pictures. I went home, edited, and sent them. She said she loved them, but she asked me not post the sexy ones because her boyfriend found out about the pictures and wasn't happy about it. I told her I would not post them immediately because I never do anyway, and when I post I will not tag her.

A few months pass by, and I post one of the pictures, and it seemed fine. But it had a nip slip which I didn't notice until she flooded my inbox asking me to take it down. Now both her and her roommate are spamming me saying I don't own copyrights to the images since I never paid for the shooting, which was never agreed to have any sort of payment on either end. So do I own the copyrights of the picture, and can I post it?

I am located in Florida.

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