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How to find the dynamic range of a scene (not camera sensor) from a photograph?

I have an older Sekonic light meter and I've used it before to understand DR of a scene before I've captured an image using the Zone system. What I'm wondering is if you can take an already captured/...
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When to overexpose, underexpose, use standard and/or pushed development time in film?

I've some confusion when metering & developing for film. I've learned that it is preferred to overexpose a negative film, e.g. ISO400 film and use as ISO200 film, and develop using standard ...
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How do the 11+ stops of dynamic range from a modern DSLR fit into the 10 stops of the zone system?

Adams's Zone System uses 11 zones. Zone 0 is pure black in the print and zone X is the tone (or “pure white”) of the paper without any additional density. The distance between each zone is one stop / ...
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Is there software that can calculate the range of zones in B&W photo?

I'm looking for a software (windows or mac) to calculate the range of zones (Ansel Adams' Zone System) that exist in a given black and white photo. For example, software that would take the photo and ...
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How to calculate exposure time for Fuji Velvia RVP 50 using a DSLR spot meter?

I have a couple of RVP 50 rolls I would like to experiment with - The idea is to set up a tripod and use a Canon 5D MK2 in ISO 50 mode for composition focusing and exposure metering, then replace the ...
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Why should I use the Zone System when the histogram gives me all the information I need?

DSLR cameras, by and large, give very complete information about how the photo is exposed, in the form of a histogram and image of a trial exposure. It shows the light distribution for both luminance ...
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What is Ansel Adams' "Zone System"?

I've heard much of Ansel Adams' Zone system, but I've never quite understood it. What is it, how and where is it used, and is it still useful with modern (digital) cameras? Thanks!
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Is the Zone System useful with a DSLR?

The Zone System was originally used with B&W film photography. With colour digital photography, though, couldn't you get much the same results by keeping an eye on the histogram? I think I might ...
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