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Zone plate photography uses a diffraction instead of a lens to focus light.

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7 votes
2 answers

Can extension tubes be used to zoom in in pinhole / zone plate photography?

In a recent question it was stated that You cannot change the focal length of the zone, it is fixed and a characteristic of the physical dimensions of the camera As far as I know, focal length of ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How do I calculate equivalent focal length from field of view?

I'm working with zone sieve and zone plate photography. Zone sieve/plate is similar to pinhole photography but it can give a softer, dreamier, look. This is a zone sieve photo I've taken: Zone sieve/...
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1 answer

What can go wrong with extreme long term exposure?

Ok, maybe I'm crazy, but I'm curious what will happen when I combine a ND400 filter (9 stops) with a zone plate or zone sieve "lens." If I'm shooting a sunset, it I might get a 30 second exposure ...
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How can I shoot wide angle zone plate photography?

I like the look that is possible with zone plate photography. I've google around a bit and it seems that pinhole and zone plate photography on a DSLR, especially a crop body DSLR, results in medium ...
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3 answers

What is a zone plate?

I was looking into alternative methods of photography and I happened upon something called a 'zone plate.' Three questions: What is a zone plate? How does it work? What can I do with it?
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