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Why are my processed pictures from a 36 exposure roll back to front

I bought a Zenit B camera for £5 from Facebook Marketplace and ran a roll through it. I got the roll developed and printed to 4x6 matte in 1hr at a local print store (think Max Spielman but ...
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How did this note "19/65 21/90 22/130" help previous owner of this old Zenit 12XP film camera?

Camera info The camera in question is an old Zenit 12XP. It belonged to my passed-away father-in-law. It has shutter speed regulations: B, 30-X, 60, 125, 250, 500 "ГОСТ/ASA" (ISO): 16 * 32 * ...
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What external flashes can I use with a Zenit 122?

I have a Zenit 122 camera, 3rd version (shown here) Can I put on it an external flash for digital Nikon reflex, for instance? If not, which kind of flash should I buy for it? Is there a flash ...
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How to elimitate light leakage in my Zenit-B SLR?

This question is related to Why is there a strange white spot on all of photos from my Zenit-B SLR? I found that the problem is in the shutter. When it is cocked left shutter blind looks like that (...
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Why is there a strange white spot on all of photos from my Zenit-B SLR?

I've taken some photos with my old Zenit-B camera. And I have some strange white spot on all of the photos in the upper right corner. Sometimes it is not too recognizable, but it is everywhere. It ...
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