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transmitter and receiver units which enable off-camera flash

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What should I look for in a wireless flash trigger for a home studio?

I'm an amateur photographer looking for a wireless flash trigger. My gear is Canon 70D with Speedlight 380ex. My question is: what should I look for in a flash trigger? How important is the trigger ...
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Why does the YN-565EX need a radio trigger with the YN-560-TX?

I am buying a Yongnuo YN-565EX TTL Flash Speedlite for Nikon. I am not sure what radio trigger do I need for this. I have found the YN-560-TX transmitter on Amazon. However, the description says ...
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Understanding IR / RF flash systems

I have had difficulty understanding how most flash systems work and was hoping someone could break it down. I'll use my current setup for a concrete example: Canon EOS 60D Nissin Di866 Mark II Flash ...
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Why doesn't my flash fire from the hot shoe trigger?

I have a Yongnuo YN-560 III and a pair of RF-603II (C3) triggers. I have a Canon Rebel T5i. I put one trigger on the hot shoe. When this trigger is in TX mode I get a blue comm light and I can fire ...
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Is there a radio flash control system for Olympus that allows setting flash power from the camera?

One of the main advantages of optical wireless flash control systems is that they don't require anything extra: at least with many cameras, they work with the built-in flash, and can often control (...
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How can I fire a single canon 430ex flash remotely from a Canon 6D camera?

I don't ever use flash but I would like to start learning about portraits and lighting. I have a mainly unused Canon 430ex which I would like to use off camera with a softbox or bouncing of an ...
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Are RF wireless triggers systems compatible with one another?

I'm trying to get into using a wireless setup instead of a wired setup for triggering my off-camera flash, and this seems to be wading into a lot of products with very little clarity. There are a lot ...
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Can I trigger a Godox SK400 with Yongnuo triggers?

Can anyone tell me ... can I trigger a Godox SK400 strobe with a Yongnuo trigger/ transmitter? I use a Yongnuo speedlight and transmitter but I am about to buy a Godox SK400 strobe and would like make ...
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What is the difference between the YN560Tx and the YN-E3-RT?

I know that the Yongnuo YN560-TX Manual Flash Controller is to control multiple flash units, and that the Yongnuo YN-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter is also to control multiple flash units. My ...
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The combination of transmitters to fire AND control Canon 430EX III-RT and Yongnuo YN-560 IV

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to expand my flash system which is currently very modest - it only consists of Canon 430EX III-RT flash. I'm planning to buy 2 Yongnuo YN-560 IV flashes and ...
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Are there any radio flash triggers capable of P-TTL?

All the popular radio TTL flash triggers, like PocketWizard or RadioPopper, seem to be only available in Nikon and Canon flavors. Are there any models capable of transmitting Pentax P-TTL data?
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Can I use a high-voltage flash with the Cactus v5 trigger that is mounted on the camera?

Can I use a high voltage flash (with a trigger voltage over 5V) on the Cactus v5 transceiver that is mounted on the hot-shoe of my Canon 550D? I know that I can mount the trigger on the camera and ...
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Universal wireless radio transmitter that can trigger Elinchrom studio strobes, Yongnuo speedlites and Godox flash

I have a pair of Elinchrom D-Lite-2 IT 200Ws studio strobes. The strobes have built-In Skyport wireless receivers and the set came with a Elinchrom Skyport ECO transmitter. This transmitter broke ...
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"Photographs cannot be taken" with manual lens and wireless triggers with off-camera flash

Good evening, The equipment combination I am trying to use is: Nikon D3400 Tokina 100mm Pro-D 2.8 lens* Neewer NW860iin Speedlite** Neewer N1Tn wireless hotshoe transmitter** Neewer N1Rn wireless ...
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Can I use a Yongnuo 622C trigger and sync cable to get high-speed sync with my Godox SK400 strobe?

I have a Godox strobe, the SK400 (and an SK300) and a Yongnuo YN-622C trigger. If I use a Yongnuo LS-PC635 (PC to 3.5mm) sync cable between the receiver and the strobe, can I shoot in high speed ...
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Can vintage strobes damage wireless receivers?

It is well documented that some old strobes can damage digital cameras. However, I couldn't find information about any potential damage from using a wireless transmitter on camera and receivers or ...
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Can I use auto exposure with studio lights?

I was recently given a pair of older studio lights complete with softboxes and a basic hot-shoe trigger. I have zero experience with studio lights I admit. I intend to use it with my Canon EOS 550D. ...
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Manual off-camera flash compatibility with multiple bodies?

I'm very new to flash photography, so I apologize for the newb question. I plan on getting a Yongnuo YN-560 III speedlite for off-camera flash, but I wanted to know how I would be able to make it work ...
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Firing a TTL on-camera flash and manual off-camera flashes via radio triggers

I want to use an on-camera TTL flash and off-camera manual flashes simultaneously. That is, when I press the shutter button, I want my main on-camera flash to fire using TTL and my off-camera manual ...
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