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Do I need a converter to do wide-angle photography?

I have an AF-S Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED lens with my Nikon D90. Do I need a converter to wide angle photography ?
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What is the point of converter lens settings in a camera?

My Sony DSC-H1 has a tube with 58mm threads for mounting converter lenses and/or filters. Among the lenses available from manufacturer itself are a 0.7x wide converter, an 1.7x tele converter, and a ...
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Macro lens before or after wide-angle converter?

I would have thought this was easy to find an answer to but wasn't successful. I have a Raynox 6600 0.66x wide angle converter lens which has 58mm threads on the camera side and 72mm threads on the ...
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Are there adapters so I can use my lens converters on a Canon entry-level dSLR?

I have: Kenko Video Tele Converter KVC-20 II 2.0x XIT Elite series 3.7x AF telephoto lens Digital Optics Japan 0.45x Pro Definition with Macro lens Are there adapters for these which would fit my ...
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How would I calculate the FOV needed in this scenerio

I'm creating an installation involving an LCD Screen and camera, basically I want the LCD screen to display a view of what the person would see if looking through the LCD screen. Please see the ...
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First-party Wideconverter do those exist and/or common?

Context So I've seen teleconverters that go onto telephoto lens to increase the perceived focal length of the lens. This allows a lens to focus at one or more additional focal lengths with a cost ...
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Is it possible to use two barlow lenses together?

With my current astrophotography setup it is not possible for me to capture the full andromeda galaxy in one picture. Setup: Telescope: Celestron C8 SGT XLT (f: 10, focal length: 2003mm) Mount: ...
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Why does my camera lens only work with a Polaroid .43x lens? [duplicate]

I got a brand new Canon Rebel T6i and along with it came an ef-s 18-55mm lens, and a Polaroid studio series .43x wide angle lens (which I believe is a telephoto lens). The camera worked fine, but ...
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