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What is the maximum stabilizer weight for Manfrotto Element Traveller tripod?

What is the maximum stabilizer weight you can attach to the hook on the central column of the Manfrotto Element Traveller stand? In the specs it says "Safety Payload Weight: 8 kg" but I assume that ...
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How does camera weight impact usable shutter speed?

I recently upgraded from a 350d to a 5d mark ii One thing I noticed is that I seem to be able to use slower shutter speeds with the bigger camera. (On the order of decently sharp pictures at 1/20 ...
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Can I damage my camera's lens mount by lifting it with a super-tele lens attached? [duplicate]

I have been taking the D850 with the Sigma 150-600 (1.9kg) for a walk in the wild. Normally I use the strap on the lens to carry the camera hanging from my shoulder. I realized that in many ...
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Is this lens too heavy for my micro four thirds body? [duplicate]

This is the setup I'm planning to use: Camera is an Olympus OMD E-M10 II, the lens is a Bower 500 mm f/6.3 using a Bower T mount to micro four thirds adapter. The cause for my concern is that I plan ...
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Can a lens be too heavy for a given camera? [duplicate]

I currently own a Canon 200D and a friend of mine lent me a 24-70 F2.8 lens for playing around. The lens weighs 800 grams, which is double the weight of the camera itself. Putting it on I was slightly ...
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How much does weight affect the stability of a tripod?

I have a pretty light and flimsy tripod that's rubbish for anything that requires any sort of stability, for example long exposure shots. I'd like to upgrade but I'm unsure of how much weight directly ...
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Where can I find the maximum camera weight for my lens?

I have a somewhat unique question here, and I haven't been able to get a clear answer elsewhere. There is a question with a similar title, only with the camera and lens terms swapped. My question is ...
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Is this a tripod head over capacity or just how they work?

Context I use my Sirui T-005X tripod with a Sirui C-10X head. When I place my Nikon 300mm f4 AF lens on it, I slide it on and tighten both the plate lock and the position on the ball head. After ...
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Choosing Tripod Based on Load Capacity?

I'm looking to purchase a new tripod, but I wanted to make sure that it is reasonably future proof (assuming that the largest lens I ever buy would be the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II). Under the ...
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How much should Load Capacity influence my buying decision for Tripod Legs for a Large Telephoto Lens?

I have seen a few questions about Tripods and Large Format Lenses but nothing specifically addressing how weight capacity will affect stabilization. Similar Questions: What tripod heads are ideal to ...
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Is there a weight distribution problem putting a FE lens on a Sony a6000?

Context I am considering upgrading to Full Frame at some point for the Sony line and while I already have APS-C primes, I'm considering getting my first FE prime for my Sony α6000. I usually ...
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2 answers

What are the advantages of a carbon-fibre tripod with more leg sections?

I have to replace my old tripod with a new one. To better compare the different models in terms of quality, manufacturer, reliability, I selected two models from the same producer (Manfrotto): ...
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What is the maximum weight a micro 4/3 lens mount can support without a tripod collar? [duplicate]

What maximum weight one can expect the micro 4/3 lens mount to hold without breaking (for a lens with no tripod collar)? Are there official specifications about this?
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Does tripod's load capacity include the use of stone bag/weight bag too?

Does tripod's load capacity include the use of stone bag/weight bag too? should I consider the weight that I may hang from the tripod as part of tripod's load capacity?
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Best camera backpack with these criteria? [closed]

I've recently bought a $300+ messenger bag for my gear from and although I absolutely love the bag, it basically destroyed my shoulder. I don't think it's the bag's fault. It's just I don'...
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What lightweight telephoto lens are available for Nikon bodies?

I'm looking for a lightweight telephoto lens for my Nikon D700 body, with a focal length around 300mm, good sharpness and AF. After several days with the 70-200 vrII handheld, I found this lens too ...
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Which lenses should be included in a travel photography kit?

On a crop sensor camera, e.g. Canon EOS 7D, what would be the best kit to travel with around Europe for a few weeks? My shooting style will focus on landscape, architecture, and general travel shots (...
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Where can I find the maximum lens weight for my camera?

Where can I find information about maximum allowed lens weight for my camera? I'm asking because I have an opportunity to get an old Soviet-built 80-200mm lens for my Nikon D3100 for a very ...
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17 answers

Do super-super-lightweight tripods exist?

Are there are any "ultra-portable" tripods out there? I'd like to find one for backpacking that weighs 500 grams or less, but none seem to exist... there are tabletop tripods that weigh considerably ...
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What are alternatives to a tripod when I can't take one along?

Due to weight restrictions I cannot take my tripod on my next foreign trip. What are the alternatives?
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