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The length of a single cycle of a wave.

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How to interpret the colours after infrared conversion? [duplicate]

Regarding infrared photography, I'm quite confused about what wavelengths the colours will represent after the infrared filter was removed from the camera. How do I find out how to interprete the ...
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Filter for RGB separation and its effect on the image

Looking at Bayer filter of a typical consumer camera, one can easily see that sensitivity of the filter for each color is all over the place. Are there filters similar to Bayer that do a better job at ...
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How does the spectral sensitivity of different sensors affect the resulting photo?

I am learning about light and color formation but I don't understand how does the sensitivity affects an image. Take for instance the different sensitivities for two "cameras" for each RGB channel ...
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How does the sensitivity of camera sensor behaves with the infrared filters?

I am puzzled about the behavior of camera sensor to the infrared spectrum. I have heard that the you must remove the internal infrared filter to capture infrared pictures. So, I removed it and used ...
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What type of effect is caused by different cutoff lengths for IR filters?

I'm looking at getting into IR photography, and am trying to decide what cutoff frequency filter to buy. Has anyone done a comparison of the same scenes using different filters?
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How do I avoid getting any chromatic aberration in my photographs?

Another question is how to correct it (suggested in proposals), but ... are there ways of avoiding it in the first place?
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