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Questions about video that are also relevant to still photography. Questions about video should be asked at the "Video Production" sister site (at

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Image Stitching with large Parallax

I need to stitch images of 5 cameras together. The cameras are mounted on the sides of an underwater remote operated vehicle. It's basicly a cupoid with sizes of 2.1m x 1.3m x 1.85m. The cameras are ...
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Black Dots when shooting video on Nikon D5300 manual settings

after i shoot videos for a few minutes these black dots appear on my video. I am aware that my Nikon is mainly a photography camera but i am not sure why this keeps happening when i shoot video https:/...
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What are the ISO, exposure, and aperture settings for single frames from slow-motion video on the iPhone 6?

I filmed a video of myself swinging a tennis racket in slow motion and then used cv2 to make jpg's of some of the frames, ie. 8 ...
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How do I shift still images to fit exactly so I can create a timelapse movie?

I want to make a time lapse film with my 365 handheld photos of nature in a year :) Therefore, I have to assemble the photos, which many free video editor programs can do. But how do I do an exact ...
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