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Variable ND filters are Neutral Density Filters that have the capability to change their opacity.

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Can I use a screw-on variable ND filter together with a square filter holder?

I have a K&F variable ND screw-on filter. I want to buy the Cokin Z series holder for graduated ND filters. Is it possible to use the Cokin Z holder with GNDs together with the variable ND screw-...
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HDR vs photo blending [duplicate]

Is there a difference between a photo taken using GND filters or applying exposure blending in PP and the HDR technique?
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Dark spots when using a 52mm variable neutral density filter [duplicate]

I recently bought a variable ND 52mm ProMaster filter for around $70 but I got some strange results when I tried to take pictures with it. This is a shot I took at 18mm when the filter was at its ...
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Does a variable ND filter work on a wide angle lens? [duplicate]

I'm looking into filter systems and don't know whether I should get a filter kit with multiple filters or a variable filter.I've had bad experiences with a CPL filter on my wide angle lens and I'm not ...
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Why does my Yongnuo variable ND filter (ND2-400) have 13 markings on it for 9 stops?

ND2 is 1 stop and ND 400 is about 8 2/3 stop. So the first marking is ND2 follow by ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, ND100, ND256, and ND400. There should only be 9 marking on the ring. But there are 13 ...
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Should I expect better results from more expensive variable ND filters? [duplicate]

To be able to make videos, I purchased inexpensive ($25) Bower FN72 and FN58 filters. While I haven't expected anything great from inexpensive filters, the result was below my expectations, so I ...
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Theory of Variable Neutral Filter [duplicate]

I know what an ND filter does. I know what a polarizer does. I also know what two polarizers stacked together and rotated properly do. I also know that two polarizers are not the best solution. My ...
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Is it normal for autofocus to struggle when using a variable ND Filter?

I recently bought a Marumi variable ND filter and I've been testing it on my 24 - 105mm F4 and 70 - 200mm F2.8 Canon lenses. It seems that my lenses have a hard time focusing when the ND filter is ...
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Why are my results with a variable neutral density filter poor?

I bought a inexpensive variable neutral density filter, this ND2-ND400 variety. I wasn't expecting a whole lot because of the very low price point, but I think I'm either using it incorrectly or my ...
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How do I chose a vari-ND fader filter without color cast?

I would like to buy a vari-ND fader. I have maximum $70 for it so i can't buy the high end faders. I try to get every information about: Polariod 67MM Neutral Density Variable Fader Nature 67mm ...
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Will a variable neutral density filter produce similar results to a fixed neutral density filter?

I've decided to look at experimenting with neutral density filters and I found this variable neutral density filter on Amazon here in the UK. It's a lot cheaper than buying a set of filters of ...
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Whats the difference between Singh-Ray Vari-ND and cheap Fader-ND filters?

I think the Singh-Ray Vari-ND variable ND filter sounds great, but is really expensive. There are way cheaper variable ND filters from some chinese sites. I wonder: are the cheap ones worth the ...
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