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How do I use the "Standard Deviation" and "Scale" parameters in Gimp 2.10's GEGL-based unsharp mask?

Previously, Gimp 2.8 and earlier used a dialog with the familiar "radius, amount, threshold" parameters as described at Unsharp mask - what do the parameters do?, like this: But in Gimp 2.10, we ...
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Best Unsharp Mask settings after resizing photos for imagemagick

I'm resizing photos uploaded to a photography gallery and have thus applied an unsharp mask to attempt to preserve the photos original sharpness. The settings I use are: radius: 0 sigma: 0.5 amount: ...
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What are the dark room techniques used to manipulate the *local* contrast of a print?

What dark room techniques are used to achieve effects similar to those of unsharp mask or "clarity" in digital post-processing?
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What ImageMagick "-unsharp" parameters are appropriate in processing photos for web use?

I am using the convert tool from the ImageMagick package to create the web versions of my photos. So far I have used something like ...
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Output sharpening for thumbnails - keeping small filesize

I am doing various export tests to get nice looking thumbnails for my photoapps. My thumbs are 120 x 80. So far the output sharpening from Lightroom looks the best, (sharpen for Screen, High) only ...
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Unsharp mask - what do the parameters do?

I'm interested in getting into post-processing stuff, and I'm wondering about the Unsharp Mask operation. Specifically, there are 3 parameters involved: amount radius threshold What do these do? ...
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