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Questions tagged [united-states]

Questions that are specific to the United States either due to location or legality.

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2 votes
2 answers

Can I use a photo of a product on my portfolio page without permission?

I would like to show my skills when taking photos of products. In this case I will use “Curology” skincare. I don’t have permission to use their products. Will I get in copy right trouble if I put it ...
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17 votes
8 answers

Do I have the copyrights to post a picture I took of someone on instagram?

A girl messaged me on Instagram to take boudoir pictures of her at her house. I went to her house, took her pictures. I went home, edited, and sent them. She said she loved them, but she asked me not ...
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6 votes
6 answers

What are the best peak-fall landscape photography locations in the US?

I will be traveling to the US during between the last week of September and the last week of October, with landscape/nature photography being the main purpose of the trip. My tentative plans include ...
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