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An umbrella-shaped light modifier that allows one to diffuse light on the inside surface to the outside or reflect it away from the umbrella.

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Umbrellas: what's the difference between white ones and silver ones?

I understand that golden reflective umbrellas are usefull to get warmer light. But, what's the difference between white reflective umbrellas and silver umbrellas? Do silver umbrellas also change the ...
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How to achieve the same effect of bouncing against the ceiling without a ceiling?

Bouncing flash against the ceiling is great, adds a lot to a photo. My question is how can I achieve this effect without actually bouncing against the ceiling? I have two umbrellas, magmod sphere and ...
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how to find the length of an umbrella?

I know that an umbrella's shaft grows with its radius. I am shopping for one and in most cases, I find that the length of the umbrella is missing from the description/specs. is there a way to estimate/...
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Continuous light with Umbrella or Lightbox?

I am wondering what works better for lighting a model on high key photography on white background. I have 2 Bulbs Top Lighting 120V 85W (5500K, 4250 Lumens). Then I have either 2 softboxes with those ...
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What speedlight focal length should I use with an umbrella

I am relatively new to strobe photography and have recently selected some speedlight/umbrella holders. My speedlights have some internal capacity to change how wide the light is dispersed in relation ...
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Can I carry umbrellas and large light modifiers without special backpacks or bags while traveling?

Context So I'm debating about buying a reflective umbrella to use and I was wondering if they are sturdy enough to survive being in a backpack. I know they have specialty cases, soft and hard, to ...
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Shoot-Through Umbrella vs. Reflective Umbrella for Product Photography?

I am contemplating between shoot-through umbrella and reflective umbrella for product photography. From my research shoot-throughs diffuse light more producing softer light but less focused than ...
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How do I light a large group of people in low light (inside a temple)?

I shoot Bar/Bat Mitzvahs inside a temple with extremely high ceilings and poor lighting throughout. Many of the shots at the beginning of the day are of family with large numbers of people. There ...
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What is the difference in light from an umbrella with and without a softbox cover?

I just purchased a reflective umbrella (silver lining) which includes a cover for the front of the umbrella making it (optionally) like a softbox. All things being the same with the EXCEPTION of the ...
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Is there an umbrella that can be used for photography and also for protection from the elements?

Is there an umbrella that can be used as a shoot through and something for protection from the elements? I mean something whose handle can be removed so that the umbrella can be fixed to a light ...
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How to get flash high but out of the way?

It happens often to me that I am on location and have to shoot with the flash and umbrella high in front of the model. Problem with that is that the boom holding it is right in front of my subject. ...
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When you shoot flash through an umbrella, does it change the color of the flash light?

Does the umbrella cloth (or whatever material it is made of) act as a filter and modify the original color temperature of flash?
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Why do some umbrellas have black cover instead of silver?

Or what is the use of a black cover instead of a silver one? I have the idea that the black (only) removable cover of some umbrellas is rather an incomplete product. Is that so? I'll try to ...
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What's the point of a removable umbrella cover?

I'm new to off-camera flash and looking to buy some gear (stands, umbrellas, etc.). I've seen some umbrellas that have a removable black cover, like this one: I assume that you add the cover when the ...
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How should I set up my studio to take sharp portraits without shadows with two white umbrellas and one silver umbrella?

What would be the best studio setup using two white umbrellas with lights, one silver umbrella with a light and canon 430ex ii? My goal is to take sharp pictures of people without shadows. I am not ...
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Does the internal structure of an umbrella-type softbox impact light quality?

When using an umbrella type softbox (a softbox that opens like an umbrella like this one) used with a cobra flash or a light bulb that is INSIDE the softbox : does the tripod tube and the light ...
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What does "Open-N-Use" mean?

In the description of a softbox kit it says "Open-N-Use as studio umbrella. More convenient than traditional soft box." What does that mean exactly? Here's the product
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Soft boxes vs umbrellas, pros and cons

I won't ask which is better, as that is highly subjective. I know that reflective umbrellas can spill more light in close quarters, and are more easily caught by a gust of wind, but are cheap and ...
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What lighting gear to get after my speedlight?

I recently got a Nikon SB-700, and after spending some time trying (and failing) to take some high-key b/w portraits, I am quickly realizing that I need to significantly modify the light, because ...
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What are the effects of umbrella size?

I keep seeing shoot thru an reflecting umbrellas in sizes around 33", 36", 42" and even larger. Many of the kits (stand, clamp, umbrella) I see around have the smaller size umbrellas. ...
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How do I choose a reliable, cheap, portable light stand and umbrella?

This holiday season, I've made a project for myself in getting started with strobist photography. So far, all I have in terms of strobist equipment is a Nikon D80 and a Nikon SB-800. I've previously ...
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How much light is typically lost through an umbrella?

In terms of f-stops, how much light is typically lost when shooting through an umbrella?
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Does the zoom head position of a flash matter when shooting through an umbrella?

It seems like a hotshoe flash's zoom head position might factor in to the lighting pattern when shooting through an umbrella. In the wide beam position, I expect more even light that one is ...
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What is the difference between a softbox and a shoot-through umbrella?

As far as I can see, using shoot-through umbrellas is slightly cheaper than using softboxes. Would I give up anything if I went with umbrellas? Would it make any difference to the images I create?
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Will I see a difference in my photos if I aim my flash to the umbrella axis?

I've seen people over the internet aiming their flashes to the umbrella's axis but haven't seen yet a before and after photo. In my case, the flash aims a bit above the axis. What would be the benefit ...
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How can I prevent light spill from an umbrella?

I've been reading Strobist lately and love the moody half-lit-half-dark effect in a lot of these types of photos. I'm a beginner and have a limited equipment budget, so I got a 45" reflective/shoot-...
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