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UFRaw is a utility to read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras. It can be used on its own or as a Gimp plug-in.

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Determine exact in-camera processing done by Nikon Z6 when saving JPEGs

Is it possible? If I look at the complete EXIF data (well, I assume it is complete — on Linux command-line, I run exif DSC_xxxx.JPG), it shows things like: ...
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Finding the correct color settings to convert a NEF file to TIFF using UFRaw

I'm taking photos of some (positive) slides to digitize our family collection. I use a Nikon D5000 which I use to shoot both in JPEG and NEF formats. Here is an example of the original JPEG photo shot ...
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Are these colored pixels in raw image (viewed in dcraw software) dead, hot or stuck?

Definitely not a photo pro here - I've tried taking RAW photos via CHDK on Canon S3 IS as .DNG. I work on Ubuntu 18.04, and when I open these .DNG in photivo, <...
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Why doesn't UFRaw automatically find the lens profile for one of my lenses, even though it's in the database?

When I open a raw image, made with a Canon EOS 600D, UFRaw for some lenses does not automatically find the lens profile. This is an example where it does find the profile: ...
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Adding Exif data to a tif increases the file size

I have some jpg images exported from RAW files using UFRaw and they are very large in size(>15MB). So, in order to save space, I ...
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.NEF Raw files open in Black and White

I recently went flying with a friend and took my Nikon D3300 DSLR up with me to get some aerial shots. As I'm still learning I set the camera to RAW+JPEG so I had some pics and could also have a mess ...
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What corrections does MS Camera Codec Pack apply?

When viewing raw images with Windows Photo Viewer via the M$ Camera Codec Pack, images appear different than when viewing with any other editor (UFRaw, RawTherapee, etc). Here's an example: I opened ...
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How do I reset Ufraw to default settings in Windows?

The first time I played around with Ufraw / Gimp on my Windows machine, I hit "save" in Ufraw. Now, it opens every new photo with the odd warm settings I was playing with. How do I reset Ufraw to ...
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How to get Ufraw to pass on EXIF data to Gimp

I cannot find EXIF data in Gimp using Ufraw as standalone OR plug in, even though I use the option save EXIF data - what could I be doing wrong?
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Non-Canon software not reading custom image settings off RAW images

I'm fairly new to photography, and I've been trying out a few image editors, and I stumbled upon one issue: any program that can read Canon's raw files, except Canon's Digital Photo Professional, ...
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Modify exposure of a specific part of an image using rawtherapee or gimp (ufraw)

Is there a way to modify the exposure on a specific part of an image using rawtherapee, Gimp's ufraw, or any other free/open source tool?
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How can I get white balance support for Canon EOS 1100D in UFRaw?

I have a Canon EOS 1100D and I'd like to edit my raw pictures using Gimp. I've installed Ufraw but it says that there are is no white balance presets for my camera model. How can I make it work and ...
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Why do my photos get much smaller when sending .cr2 files from ufraw to gimp?

I am using ufraw to open .cr2 raw files in gimp, but I'm experiencing a strange issue. The .cr2 files are some 7Mb large. A typical dimension could be, for instance, 2374x1591, as reported by my ...
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In ufraw, how to use the two curves?

I have a basic understanding of curves. That is, I know the mathematical concept behind them, and I have an idea what happens when I change them. But this knowledge came from sources which assumed ...
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