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How to fly with gear that weighs more than the maximum allowed for carry-on luggage?

Airlines usually weigh your cabin luggage at the check-in/baggage drop-off and do not allow more than 7-8 kilos per person. How to successfully board a flight if the total weight of the gear you are ...
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Can I carry umbrellas and large light modifiers without special backpacks or bags while traveling?

Context So I'm debating about buying a reflective umbrella to use and I was wondering if they are sturdy enough to survive being in a backpack. I know they have specialty cases, soft and hard, to ...
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What is the safest way to transport a teleprime lens during backpacking and flying?

Context So I have a Nikon 300mm f4 AF and may consider it's older but larger cousins the Nikon 400mm f3.5 or Nikon 600mm f5.6. I have a special pouch for the 300mm and it can easily fit in my ...
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What is the safest and most convenient way to carry heavy lens so it's easy to switch in the field?

Context I use a Nikon 300mm f4 lens. It's a good lens but it's also rather heavy. Question What is the safest and most convenient way to switch teleprimes (or heavy lens in general) out in the ...
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Is there any benefit to tilting the camera holder in a camera bag?

Would it be a good practice to tilt the pad inside the camera bag that sticks to the its side in order to prevent the lens from touching the bottom ...
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7 answers

What's the safest camera position in a camera bag?

I carry my DSLR in the same bag I used to carry my SLR, and there its position is screen down. I've seen smaller bags, adapted to the shape of the camera, where it stands objetive down. What I wonder ...
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Pros and Cons for using a camera strap and what better alternatives are available?

Let me start by saying I prefer not using a strap at all. I know this is personal preference and is related to shooting habit, but what are the general pros and cons for using the strap that came ...
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How to safely transport a camera and its lens from one place to another?

Are there any best practice in transporting a camera (point and shoot / DSLR with or without lens) from one place to another in a safe manner? (to minimize any type of damage caused by knocks or ...
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6 answers

Any good ways to keep a DSLR with a heavy lens parallel to your body while carrying?

I have a D80 with a fairly large lens which weighs the camera down and whenever i am hiking/walking long distances it gets annoying because it isn't parallel to my body. Are there any solutions? Like ...
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8 answers

How to carry a DSLR on a motorcycle?

I do a lot of road trips and I carry my camera (D90+50mm) and an extra lens (18-105mm) in my backpack (Lowpro CompuDaypack). The backpack is great, but it doesn't allow me to draw my cam out quickly ...
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3 answers

How do I carry a tripod around?

I just ordered a Dolica tripod which came with a bag. I'm wondering how photographers typically carry their tripods around. If I am going specifically on a photography trip, then there's no problem ...
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16 answers

Gear for carrying and storing a DSLR on a backpacking trip?

I'm planning on going on a short backpacking trip at the end of this month and would like to take along my DSLR. What are some good options for me to carry and store my camera and a tripod if I'm also ...
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A small bag for a large pro camera body with a small lens?

The Canon 5D Mark 2 with the 50mm Canon 1.4 USM lens has a pretty odd shape. It is really short and really wide. As it turns out, from my visit to two photography stores yesterday, not too many ...
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How can I make my new DSLR more portable and convenient?

I've been enjoying taking digital pics for about the last seven years with my trusty Olympus C50 compact, and decided I wanted to take my efforts up a gear and get a 'proper' camera, so recently ...
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How do you mail a large framed print?

I might be mailing a large framed picture in the US, and I'm wondering, what's the best way to do so? Ideally it would be affordable, secure, etc. I'm looking for both the container and the ...
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11 answers

Is there a camera bag with extra space that I use as an airplane carry-on? [closed]

I have a Lowepro Slingshot 200 sling bag that I use to carry my Canon Rebel XSi with two zoom lenses. I love the bag for day trips, but it doesn't work so well for airplane trips or anytime when I ...
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Protective case for one filter

I carry around one 72mm filter (a CPL), and I'm looking for a good, small case to protect it, one that I can put in my pocket. What I'm envisioning is hard plastic with a foam insert for the filter. ...
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