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When shooting raw stills, does the tone mode setting matter?

I'm going through some of the settings on a Nikon Z8, and one of the options when shooting raw is to switch the tone mode from SDR to HLG. In principle, I understand what these two modes do: HLG ...
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How can I achieve this brownish look?

I've been trying to achieve this look for some time, but I'm stuck :(. Starting with the camera, I heard that maybe adjusting the WB to cloudy? And the metering to spot metering? I mainly use ...
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10 votes
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What is the difference between "color" and "tones"? [duplicate]

I am working through the Teach Yourself Photoshop book. I opened up a NEF file in Adobe Camera Raw. In the text it says: By shooting in raw you capture more information about the colors and ...
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What is split toning?

What is split toning? Some questions that seem highly related to the strict definition and might fit into an answer include: Why is the technique used? Is it achieved differently for digital vs ...
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How do I create this kind of soft and blueish look in Photoshop?

Can anyone please advice me on how to get this kind of look in Photoshop? Those kind of bluish/turquoise tones: Source:
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2 answers

How is this "soft" effect achieved?

I've been following Sam Marie on Flickr and I'm wondering how they create the "soft, milky" tone of everything in their photos? Is it done post processing in Photoshop or is it a combination of ...
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3 answers

How was this image with red seats on a black and white background created?

What sort of post production process can help achieve this appearance?
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1 answer

How should a perfect skin tone look like?

Is there even such a thing as a perfect skin tone? People with different ethnicity have different skin colour plus lighting and background adds a layer of complexity. As a photographer, what should we ...
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Ноw can I make 1) light colors glow / 2) warming image (CS5)

Ноw can I make light colors glow as in the example (I think it is done without the help of blur) And how can I warm the image (I tried: 1) make layer- solid color, change blending options; 2) change ...
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2 answers

Are color and tones in this seascape fine?

Just about color and toning — is it right or could it be better? (In that case please specify Lightroom or Photoshop actions to perform.) I feel it is a bit too dark (it really seems like if there is ...
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How do I equalize the background brighness level for multiple photos?

Imagine that there are 50-60 photos from a photosession. Their background color is white, and nearly every photo's background tone and brightness differs from each other. I want to equalize and get ...
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13 votes
3 answers

What does "Tone" mean?

I hear "Tone", "Tonal scale/range" in the context of photography. What does it actually mean?
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5 answers

What is "Highlight Tone Priority"?

This seems to be available in most of recent Canon cameras. I am curious how it works, and how it is different from the Auto Lighting Optimizer. Is it a useful function?
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