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2 answers

What is the relationship between hot shoe output synchronization speed and shutter speed?

The problem is: We have a mapping camera which a hot shoe output synchronization speed of 1/250 and during data acquisition its shutter speed is 1/1000, which is very fast compared to the ...
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Where to Download Tone Mapping Settings for Batch Tone Mapping in Luminance HDR

I would like to download tone mapping settings for batch tone mapping in Luminance HDR. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where to download these? I am using Linux. Any help would be ...
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3 answers

How to prevent colour noise from developing in water portion of the image?

I have developed enough post processing skill in over an year to create moods in my photos as I prefer (mainly dark moody photos with low saturation). However, when it comes to showing drama in the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is tone mapping automatically applied to RAW images?

At first I thought tone mapping was a thing for HDR images only used to "display" the dynamic range which our monitors can't show. Turns out that RAW images tend to have a high dynamic range too. So ...
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Matching color of HDR panorama

For normal images color checkers can be used to correct images that the color representation is euqual. How is it done with HDR images? How can color checker board measurements be included in the tone-...
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1 answer

Enhance snowy mountain detail (high-frequency high-contrast) in RawTherapee

I occasionally have this issue where the camera software produces better microcontrast than I can via RawTherapee. I am unsure whether this is an issue with the software or with my ability to use it. ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How does the first screen in Luminance HDR works?

I've been using Luminance HDR for a while and I managed to understand the effect of most of the tonemapping algorithms, but there's still a thing that I don't fully understand. When I finish the ...
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How can I measure a new high dynamic range image tone mapping operator for performance or image quality? [closed]

I made a new operator for tone mapping, and I need to know it's efficiency (image quality) compared with other tone mapping operators.
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3 votes
4 answers

How is tonal range of a colored image mapped to a scale of 0-255 in RGB histogram?

RGB histogram (as displayed by Adobe Photoshop) of a colored image maps the available tonal range to a scale of 0-255 (pure black to pure white on horizontal axis). Tonal range, the way I understand, ...
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What is the difference between global tone mapping and curve?

I am in the process of learning post-processing, using darktable. I have a couple of pictures shot in RAW with lots of contrast in them (for instance, dark passages with bright sky). Now, in getting ...
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3 answers

What software would appropriate for tonemapping a 5 gigapixel image?

I've shot a 5 gigapixel 360 degree panorama, totaling around 1400 shots in a -1.3-0-+1.3 bracket, and I'm trying to stitch it and tone map it. So far I've managed to decently assembled the panorama in ...
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1 answer

HDR and RAW dynamic range clipping, mapping, and compression

My understanding of the rendering of a typical RAW file, which contains 14 bits per channel, is that it is simply clipped to the 8 bits per channel used by most image viewers. Presumably camera ...
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HDR with movement [duplicate]

I'm not new to photography (I have been doing it for some years) but I have been doing some HDR for the last couple of months. I have read How to Take HDR Photos of Moving Objects? and I am asking ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Why are my tone mapped images turning purple?

As I've been developing a few images into tone mapped images in Photomatix, some of the skies that were blue seem to be turning purple. I'm not quite sure why. I take 3 bracketed RAW images, which ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What uses does tone mapping have beyond HDR?

Tone mapping is infamous as the technique used to enhance "raw" HDR photos (because by nature they have poor contrast). From this I think understand the principle of what it does (increasing local ...
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What Tone mapping settings to go for in HDR Post-processing?

I have just recently started discovering the HDR side of photography and after seeing some really beautiful pictures, I decided to get the tools and perform it myself. While trying to post-process my ...
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How do pseudo or fake HDR programs like Photomatix work?

There are a few programs that can produce HDR-like results from only one input image. How do these work?
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2 answers

What is tone mapping? How does it relate to HDR?

Whenever I read / hear about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, someone usually says something along the lines of "Actually, you're talking about tone mapping, not HDR." Please can someone ...
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