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Why does the image get bluish and not yellowish when I shift the color temperature to a lower K? [duplicate]

I know that colour temperature is an approximation of the black body emission, so a body with a higher temperature emits bluish light while at a lower temperature emits yellowish light. However in ...
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Why only the right hand of the woman is green and different to her skin colour in other parts?

I am wondering how the woman's writing hand is oddly coloured and so much greener than her tint tone on the other hand? Does it have to do with the circuit boards around her writing hand or the ...
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Why is there a strange tint and grain in my film photos?

I'm a complete newbie to photography, and I started out on an old Nikon FM10 that runs on film. I got back my first roll after development and most of them are either over or under exposed. Two of the ...
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How important is the artificial light tint temperature (K)?

If you were given a choice and money wasn’t an issue, how likely would you buy one of those multi-tone flood lights for your photography/videography considering that you will be shooting RAW and with ...
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Why do I get pinkish tint on some photos in DJI Mavic 2 Pro hyperlapse?

I tried to take a twilight hyperlapse with Mavic 2 Pro. However, there is a pinkish tint unevenly distributed randomly in the shots: Needless to say, all images have the same settings (as part of ...
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Grass area blown out with sunlight, turns brown when reducing highlights; what to do?

I regularly take RAW outdoor photos, and I encounter a annoying problem on post processing: on photos containing grass with both shadows and areas with direct sunlight, I can't recover blown out areas ...
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Is a gray card sufficient to get accurate colors in a photograph?

I have a card that has three bands: black, gray, and white. If I place this in a photograph I am taking that I want to be color accurate, will that give me sufficient information to tune the photo, ...
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Is this blue tint because of the film or the process?

I have shot a roll of Ilford XP2 Super 400, a Black & White film that is developed using C41 color process. The prints came back with what seems a blue-ish tint at the top. I wonder why that is? ...
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How to adjust RAW photos from underwater?

I have some photos that were taken from a glass bottom submarine that have colors that look all wrong. I'd like to edit these raw files in Adobe RAW Converter to make them look more normal. There ...
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When editing white balance on a computer, should I tweak tint or temperature first?

Changing the value of one affects the appearance of the other, hence it makes a difference whether you change the tint value first and then move on to the temperature, or the other way around.
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When shooting a scene with a LCD or Plasma TV in it, is there a way to avoid a blueish tint on the screen?

I've been searching but I can't find relevant info. I'm actually filming, but figured the problem's still there in photography. I also don't know where else to ask. Does anyone know what can be done? ...
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What is the function of the tint slider in Lightroom?

In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (c) there's a Temp slider which controls the color temperature of the photo. To the left it creates a blue, cold looking image. To the right, an orange, warm image. This ...
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