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Questions tagged [timelapse]

Timelapse photography is the process of taking a series of photos at a set interval with the intention of playing them back as a movie at a much shorter interval. This gives the appearance of high speed movement, such as in the growth of plants.

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Canon built-in intervalometer and image preview

I'm using the built-in intervalometer on my Canon 77D camera to shoot timelapses. I'd like to be able to asses the images by checking out the histogram on the preview (so I can adjust exposure ...
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How to correct HDR post-processing artifacts in a series of exposures

I have taken several series of frames that I intend to process into timelapse sequence. Some were taken using a smartphone camera in HDR mode. Due to the post-processing that happens in the device, ...
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Can't get rid of hyperlapse flickering on post-processing after using Lightroom and LRTimelapse

I have a Sony A7C with the basic Sony FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 lens, and I went to one of the 3 best places in the world to see the night sky. I tried to shoot a night sky hyperlapse using the interval ...
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How to control change of exposure/colour between images when taking a timelapse?

I have a Sony a5100 and a timelapse app, and generally it works great, but I noticed that some pictures vary in colour and/or exposure. Now, I used Manual settings, turned every automation off, but it ...
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How to bulk reposition hundreds of photos so all the faces lay above each other perfectly?

you might have seen these videos on YouTube where people take a selfie everyday and after a few years make a time lapse video of it. I did the same except that I didn't take all the photos witht the ...
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During interval timer shooting, NIKON D5600 overexposes photos randomly

I am having an issue with my camera. At random, it will overexpose photos during interval timer shooting. It's generally fine at the beginning, but as time goes on, there are more and more overexposed ...
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Timelapse color flickering

I've tried to shoot the red line of sunrise along the sea and I've done that from under a very low bridge with the penumbra, so I' ve captured some portions of the sand and palm trees too. I tried it ...
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