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Why do Adobe Bridge and XnView MP show incorrect thumbnails for cropped scanned images?

When I scanned in some 4"x6" photographs, my scanner produced jpg image files for the full 8.5"x11" bed of the scanner. I used XnView MP to crop the images, but now both XnView MP ...
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"Thumbnail based" image search on Mac.../

I have hard-drives full of old RAW files from photography... I can't find old images that I have smaller processed versions of. Is there a desktop tool for a Mac that can do 'image search.' I will ...
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Should I fix an image orientation when creating a thumbnail?

I am a programmer, and I made an app for sharing images. I will not say the app's name because this is a genuine question, not a way to promote the app. People are starting to use my app, and I have ...
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Why are thumbnails bad, when jpgs are good, with raw processed with darktable?

I'm using darktable to process my raw photos and save the final jpg's. I'm on ubuntu linux. From some of the jpg's, gthumb gets thumbnails which are far lighter than the original jpg, and the same ...
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Is it possible to 'fix' an image (with bad colouring/effect applied) based on a smaller thumbnail?

I'm trying to fix some old (as in a few years old, not vintage) images taken by a friend, and have noticed something odd. While most of the pictures appear somewhat over exposed/have strange colours (...
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Slow thumbnail loading when lots of images on memory card

I have a Canon 2000D DSLR. I like to keep all my pictures in the relatively big memory card, so that there is a second copy of all pictures in case my laptop SSD dies. However, every time I connect ...
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How can I retain apparent detail when downsizing from 4608px to a 150px thumbnail?

I shot profile pictures in RAW at a resolution of 4608(V)x3456(H). The client needs an image for their email signature with a width of approximately 150px wide. I have attempted this in PSCC2017 (with ...
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Remove all metadata from PNG, commandline [closed]

I'm trying to create really small PNG thumbnails from JPGs using GraphicsMagick. gm convert coolphoto.jpg -resize 16x16 -colors 6 coolphoto_16x16_6color.png ...
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Why do the thumbnails for grayscale images show up in color in Windows Explorer?

I have some images from a Nikon SLR that I have converted to grayscale, however the thumbnails in Windows Explorer are in color. Is the thumbnail information stored in the file header, or is the color ...
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In OSX, why don't my Panasonic and Olympus DNG files have thumbnail icons?

I've shot with Nikon, Olympus, and Panasonic so I'm familiar with all their proprietary RAW formats that each uses. I'd like to convert all my RAW files to DNG and then use that on import into LR ...
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How can I copy all meta tags, other than the thumbnail, from a source jpg to a destination jpg?

I just started to use the EXIFTool but can't figure out how to copy all meta info from one file to another without destroying the destination file's thumbnail image. Is there any way to do so ?
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What is the behavior of thumbnails in Lightroom?

In order to update all my thumbnails I rendered standard sized previews for all my pictures overnight, having read somewhere that this was the asiest way. But to my surprise, there are still ...
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Software to burn full-sized images and thumbnails into one package

I just helped shoot a wedding for the first time for some friends, and I'm going to burn a DVD for them. Ideally, I want a DVD which contains both full-sized images and thumbnails, along with some ...
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Output sharpening for thumbnails - keeping small filesize

I am doing various export tests to get nice looking thumbnails for my photoapps. My thumbs are 120 x 80. So far the output sharpening from Lightroom looks the best, (sharpen for Screen, High) only ...
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What DPI should I resize my image to for best printing quality?

And my apologies if this sounds a bit too basic but I can't get my head around this. I have a digital image I took with my camera. 4000x3000 pixels, and GIMP claims that its resolution is 72x72 DPI. ...
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Orientation on image thumbnails and how programs interpret it?

I took a photo with my iPhone of a package of bread, oriented in landscape. I then copy-pasted it to iOS-Mail (the only way to get un-resized photos sent via email), and emailed it to myself. In the ...
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