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Can you build a camera obscura indoors, to watch a play upside-down as it's performed? [closed]

I've seen Youtube videos of people who have converted a room into a camera obscura to capture images of skyline/trees/clouds, but couldn't you capture indoor scenes too? Or would you need bright ...
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What kind of filter (if any) should I use when photographing a theater scene?

I want to take photos of a theater scene. I usually use a UV filter for nature photography, but what about a theater scene in a saloon with a dark environment? Is there any specific filter for these ...
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Can I be required to delete a photo from my phone?

Recently during a performance at a theater (in the US) I took a photo of the stage during intermission and was warned not to do so by a member of the staff because of "copyright issues". I apologized ...
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How can I take better pictures in theatre fog?

I am taking still and video photography for a film production. It is set inside a theatre that is filled with light fog. I somehow can't get sharp focus and because of the low light I can't up the ...
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Pictures of dancers on stage

I am taking pictures of performers on stage. Sometimes they have tungsten lighting, but then they can also have funky color lights of all sorts go off at them. Here is a Flickr Album of the pictures ...
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