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Ideas for Avoiding Bent CF Slot Pins?

I am a photography teacher, and this year I received cameras with CF cards. Within a week of letting the students use them, three cameras had bent CF slot pins. Does anyone have ideas for preventing ...
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How focused should a local photographer's website be?

I have been doing a lot of reading on what local businesses should blog about and have come up with the following scenario. I am looking for something to keep me busy and to keep my mind a bit more ...
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5 votes
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How can I explain focal length to someone who isn't into photography?

Context So my friends and family are curious about how far my lens can reach. I usually explain with focal length and show them a few pictures. Question Is there any easier way to explain what ...
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How to help other people take good pictures with my camera?

Assume that we are at an event where full auto will create an ugly picture. I am the only one who brought a camera along. I set the camera at something not too demanding - a workable ISO, a semi-...
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What are good/memorable Photography Society topics or events?

I'm a member of the QUB PhotoSoc and trying to plan next years agenda. Unfortunately few of our exec have attend other photography societies and with the society being quite young we are stuck with ...
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Where can I find a video clip of a mechanical FP shutter in operation?

I am about to give a presentation on the basics of exposure for the newcomers in our photo club. When talking about the shutter, I'd like to show the actual operation of the mechanism. There are a few ...
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Ideas for a talk on exposure

In a couple of weeks, I'm giving a talk to my church photography group on "The Basics of Exposure". I'm trying to educate people on the very simplest principles of exposure. After the talk, we'll ...
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Tips for leading a photowalk?

I am leading a photowalk for a small group I have not done this before. Can you give me any suggestions for what to do? The walk will be about an hour, in a mostly rural area. The group covers a wide ...
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How to teach photography?

If you'd were to teach photography, how would you start, and why? Would you first teach camera usage, then composition, then exposure? Or would you start with composition without a camera, then ...
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