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Questions tagged [tablet]

Questions relating to tablet computers and devices, but not digitizer tablets like Wacom pen-input devices.

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How to send photos from camera to tablet while shooting for immediate viewing?

How can I connect my Nikon D80 camera to my tablet? I would like for the photos to go directly to the tablet as I am shooting them so I can view and make adjustments. I recently saw it done by a ...
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Photoshop: Where are the “Pressure for Opacity” and “Pressure for Size” in the custom shortcuts feature?

I am setting up Photoshop commands/tools/functions on a Wacom and would really like to have the "Pressure for Opacity" and "Pressure for Size" options as shortcuts—which would be very useful. There ...
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Is it possible to use a smartphone/tablet's 3G/4G network to transfer Eyefi photos?

I know that Eyefi cards can use Wi-Fi networks to transfers photos. I also know that there's some sort of smartphone/tablet app that you can download to do various things with your Eyefi card and ...
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Is there a reason to get a newer iPad to use with Capture Pilot?

I would like to integrate an iPad into my workflow as a bigger screen right near my camera as opposed to moving between camera and computer. I'm looking to use Capture Pilot in conjunction with ...
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Is it possible to control sliders of darktable from tablet?

I have a 10" android tablet and 15" laptop. Darktable and GIMP is installed on my linux laptop. Controlling sliders/curves etc of darktable /GIMP from mouse is not efficient, for me at least. I see ...
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3 answers

What's the dynamic range of the iPhone 6 Plus?

... or other mobile devices such as the iPhone 5s, Nexus 6 or iPad Air 2? Everyone says that the dynamic range of mobile devices is lower, but how much lower? For comparison, an APS-C camera like ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Why is a wacom better than mouse for retouching?

I just bought a wacom tablet hoping that my editing will now be 1000x faster. But I found that it does nothing. Before I return it, can someone explain to me why the tablet is superior to a mouse? ...
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Are there any disadvantages to using a single microSD card in multiple devices?

... for example, in a digital camera, a tablet and a cellphone, all of which have cameras on them and will be storing images on the card. I'm asking not from a mechanical standpoint (assume the card ...
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2 answers

How do I take advantage of a tablet to compose better photos?

I find that tablets have one big advantage over other kinds of cameras: phones, point-and-shoots, and interchangeable lens cameras (like the NEX-5R, which I own). And that advantage is the size of ...
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Problem with Wacom Intuos 4 tablet with Nik collection

When clicking somewhere in a picture within e.g. Viveza 2 using the stylus and my Wacom Intuos 4, an animated white circle is drawn on the screen around the point where I click. The problem is when ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Looking for a DSLR bag with wallet for 7" Android tablet / 9" netbook (for on-the-go editing, backup pics/WiFi uploads)

I'm looking for a DSLR camera bag that has a large enough wallet to house a 7" tablet or even a 9" netbook. I would like to carry a tablet or small notebook PC for making backup copies of the photos, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Tablet Apps for Simple Processing of RAW files

What tablet Apps would you recommend for simple RAW processiong on a tablet? Currently using Samsung Tab 2, 7 inch tablet. My main concern is just open the RAW file and do some Cropping and upload ...
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7 answers

Is there a way to automatically transfer photos from a DSLR to a PC hard disk as they are taken?

I have a need to have photos taken either on a modern Nikon or on a modern Canon DSLR automatically be transfered via USB cable to a Windows hard disk. It would work like this - at an event, a ...
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What are the recommended photography magazines from the digital newsstand? [closed]

The Kindles, iPad, Nooks and other tablets are popularizing the digital medium for reading magazines. To this end, I wanted to extend the general question on recommended photography magazines to the ...
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3 answers

How useful is a tablet for photo editing?

I understand the value of using a tablet like a Wacom Intuos for Graphic Design. But with Photography Editing how useful is the use of a tablet?
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What are the inherent limitations of the iPad as a digital darkroom?

With all of this talk of the post pc era, what limits do the lack of a traditional laptop or desktop computer impose on digital photography? If I want to use a modern day DSLR and a device such as ...
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