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1 answer

What adapter do I need to fit a Vivitar lens to a Canon 4000D? [duplicate]

I’m looking for an adapter that will fit a Vivitar F/8.0 multi coated telephoto lens to my Canon EOS 4000D.
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2 answers

What teleconverter should I get for a T-mount telephoto with F-mount adapter?

I have a Nikon D5000 F-mount camera, and I just ordered a Bower 500mm T-mount telephoto with an F-mount adapter. I want to be able to slap on a 2X teleconverter, but I don't know how to tell which ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Are there any drawbacks to using a T-Mounted lens?

I am looking to buy a mirror lens for the upcoming solar eclipse. I am using a Canon with an EF mount. Most of the lens options I see require a T-Mount adapter to fit on my canon. Are there any ...
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Why does my Nikon say "lens not attached" with a Vivitar 650-1300 telephoto zoom lens?

I have recently purchased a Vivitar 650-1300mm telephoto zoom lens. The mount came with it to attach to my Nikon D3300. The lens clicks and locks on the camera, but when I turn on the camera it says "...
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