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Questions tagged [support-equipment]

Support equipment such as tripods, monopods, Gorillapod, camera and light stands.

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Tripod size for an iPhone to take self photos, if I'm about 6 ft?

I noticed almost every iPhone tripod which sells on Amazon is about 50". I need to shoot photos or videos of myself when I'm standing. I imagine the position of the camera should be about 62"...
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What is that springy thing on the head of the tripod? [duplicate]

There are two thing on the head of the tripod, one is the screw and the other is this springy thing. I always wondered, what does it do?
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Is there any automatically adjustable stand for camera? [closed]

When I have a container for taking photo that detects person when he/she enters it by PIR sensor, and I want to install camera that will be connected to the PC, that detects face of that person and ...
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Can I attach my camera to my arm, to prevent injuries?

I'm photographing professionally for a few years now, and I'm starting to feel some arm pain, I think it's related to long shooting sessions. I'm seeing a doctor in order to diagnose and treat it, but ...
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How big a bean bag?

I think a beanbag could be useful as a camera support. But it seems they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. How big do you need? Presumably it depends on the size of the camera and lens. ...
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Hand-Held Gimbal vs Image Stabilization

There are now people using hand-held gimbals like this one or that one with their DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. How does the effect of such a gimbal compare to image stabilization? Can they be used for ...
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Tripod heads vs monopod heads: what's the difference?

How do the heads of tripods and monopods differ from each other? Are some able to be used on both types of support systems? Or is it just tripod heads and monopod heads? I'm trying to categorise ...
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14 votes
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How can I stiffen a droopy Gorilla Pod?

I have a Gorilla pod (SLR-zoom) which is now a few years old and the legs are now loose enough that it can't support the weight of my camera+lens any more. The legs will often have an 'unexpected ...
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2 votes
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Suggestions for supporting a heavy lens?

I have just returned to photography after several years in the wilderness, and as such I have invested in some decent lenses straight off the bat this time round. My main telephoto lens has ended up ...
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Choosing Tripod Based on Load Capacity?

I'm looking to purchase a new tripod, but I wanted to make sure that it is reasonably future proof (assuming that the largest lens I ever buy would be the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II). Under the ...
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How much should Load Capacity influence my buying decision for Tripod Legs for a Large Telephoto Lens?

I have seen a few questions about Tripods and Large Format Lenses but nothing specifically addressing how weight capacity will affect stabilization. Similar Questions: What tripod heads are ideal to ...
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What type of stand is needed for a beauty dish?

I've never used a beauty dish and I'm not sure what's the typical way of positioning it. I want to shoot on location and not in a studio setup, and I don't have an assistant. What kind of stand do I ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Does shooting in "live view" also act as "mirror lockup"?

(If the musings below distract from the question, just read the title to understand what my question is.) I'm interested specifically in the Canon 70D, but it would be interesting to know what the ...
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Manfrotto flex arm: heavy duty or regular?

I have a Manfrotto Super Clamp, and while reasonably useful by itself, I often want to position things like reflector or small flash with softbox or even a camera at arbitrary places. It seems like a ...
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Plate Screw with load-bearing eye

I love the idea of BlackRapid's replacement screw for the Manfrotto QR plate. I tried to use the same screw to attach a Arca-Swiss plate, and it didn't work as the head is too wide to turn inside the ...
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What is a "rail system"? What about rods? [duplicate]

I've seen rail systems for sale, and a remark from someone wanting to get a rail system. What is the purpose(s) of that? Is a focusing rail for macro a different usage of the term (same as a focusing ...
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How to mount a Gopro to DSLR?

I am looking for a way to mount a Gopro to a DSLR but without using the hotshoe (already taken). That probably leaves the bottom of the camera available. The idea is to record video during photo ...
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What do I need to make my own camera stand with a 40" horizontal arm?

I need a stand with a variable height (max 7 ft. tall) and a >40" horizontal lateral arm. the center column doesn't have to move, it can be secured to the ground. I should be able to move the ...
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What are best practices for documenting photography gear for theft or post-sale protection?

Given my recent snafu with selling a lens on Amazon Marketplace, I would like to know what practices to employ for documenting my gear. Obviously taking pictures of everything is one thing, but what ...
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How to mount a DSLR to the ceiling for bird's eye view pictures?

I am looking to take pictures of oriental carpets and need to somehow mount my DSLR to the ceiling. I do have a remote shutter, but I am wondering what would be the best way to mount a DSLR to a ...
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What support system do I use to keep a telephoto lens stable?

At the moment I use Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Tripod with Photo/Video Pan and Tilt Head 391RC2 to hold Canon EF 100-400mm lens. Even though in most cases this is stable, on the extreme end I do get blur. ...
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41 votes
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What are alternatives to a tripod when I can't take one along?

Due to weight restrictions I cannot take my tripod on my next foreign trip. What are the alternatives?
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