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Questions tagged [studio-lighting]

From simple to complicated setups, if it involves the techniques and equipment necessary to artificially light objects or people within the studio environment, it is generally considered to be studio lighting.

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my Bowens flashes not bouncing

I am using Bowens prolite 100, sometimes one of the head will not bounce/sync with the other, even if I trigger the radio transmitter manually without the camera, any idea. thank you
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Taking pictures of glass for a local Glass Gallery

I am currently trying to take pictures of a variety of high end pipes for a local glass gallery and am having a tough time getting full white accent lights from top to bottom, the light is either to ...
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What analysis can be done on #piegate photo to support it?

Sarah Sanders posted this image in a tweet: Some folks assumed that she didn't really bake the pie. Most of these folks cited either "that pie looks too perfect" as their evidence or cited nothing at ...
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