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4 answers

How can I fix this stuck pixel on an image taken using Nikon z6?

Settings of the image: ISO 320 f/8 15s at 70mm. Shot RAW Large. Nikon z6. The image below is zoomed in to show the stuck pixel. I noticed this blue dot and found out it is known as a stuck pixel. ...
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Are these colored pixels in raw image (viewed in dcraw software) dead, hot or stuck?

Definitely not a photo pro here - I've tried taking RAW photos via CHDK on Canon S3 IS as .DNG. I work on Ubuntu 18.04, and when I open these .DNG in photivo, <...
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3 answers

Hot, stuck, or dead pixels. What's the difference?

What is the difference between hot, stuck, and dead pixels with regards to a camera's image sensor? What can cause each to occur? What can be done to reduce their influence on a photo?
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Too many defective pixels?

I just bought a cheap action-camera and start experimenting with RAW format. The output file has some defective pixels. I know that they can be "removed", but it seems to me that they are too many. I ...
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What's the best way to deal with hot/stuck pixels in long exposure night photographs?

I discovered red/blue/white pixels on my night photographs tonight. Trying to confirm this, I took a black image with the lens on and indeed I saw a whole lot of them (I didn't count them but at least ...
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"Stuck" pixel appearing on every photo taken

I have noticed that every pictures taken with my new Olympus EM10 has a few "dead" pixels or pixels that appear stuck to a colour. A few of them are red and other few greyish white. It has nothing ...
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Are there stuck/dead pixels in my photo?

I have 9 months old Canon 6D. Please, are there stuck/dead pixels on this photo? (in the circle, where the arrow indicates) I have it on all photos. I ...
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2 answers

What is this dead pixel problem really called?

On all photos from my last vacation I see this red point. It appears on in-camera JPGs as well as on RAW files. A see a red pixel in the same position on all pictures. How is this problem called? Is ...
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