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Why are mystery and ambiguity valued in art photography when they're not positive in normal life?

This question is based on following observations and quotes In engineering, and in most part of human life, ambiguity and mystery is not a good thing. In art photography, mystery is very important ...
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What's a series of pictures called? Not montage, collage etc. — something from National Geographic

I'm not talking about a collage, montage, slideshow or any form of video or time-lapse. It's a word I had read on some page of the National Geographic site but forgot. The series tells a story of a ...
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How to group photos for photo book

I am trying to create a photo book to give to family and friends for Christmas. I am wondering how to organize images. Should I group landscape shots into one chapter, cities into another and animals ...
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How to *make* a nature photograph?

I found this scene to be quite beautiful for sure, but when I look at it from the photographer's view point, I find that that person just went there, saw the scene, clicked the photo and returned home....
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How to compose a scene which doesn't have any apparent story?

On 1x people often say that to complete a story you need to have a third element. Fine, but what can you do when you don't have a human around to pose for you? How to compose the following scene so ...
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How to show the theme "What happened??"

I wanted to show the theme "What happened??" here. I showed this to some non-photographers, they couldn't make out anything out of this. What can I do here to improve the composition?
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