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47 votes
2 answers

Does this telescope only have a 4 blade aperture?

I was just looking at an image from NASA's APOD project I noticed that the starbursts are directly horizontal and vertical. If I recall correctly, on my DSLR I get one "ray" per blade. So does that ...
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Getting the starburst in sun shine like this photo is from post processing or done at capture?

I can't believe that the linked photograph is without any post processing. Is that starburst sun shine in the photograph an outcome of post processing or is it the result of a trick at capture time? ...
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10 votes
4 answers

What times and settings should I use for taking pictures of stars at night and falling stars?

The season of the falling stars started and I want to try to achieve some picture of stars and falling one too. I see a lot of picture with a immense number of stars but they are still. Now I'm ...
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2 answers

How to shoot stars much bigger without trails?

I know it looks unreal/fake, but how can I take photos like this example? It's not a very long exposure because there are no trails. Also Betelgeuse looks noticeably red and it's cool. You can also ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to control "starbursts" around light sources?

How can you control the size of "starbursts" from light sources in photographs? For example, the lights on the shore in this photo have very sharp and long starbusts:
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3 answers

What lenses can produce a clean starburst effect?

I have seen several examples of a beautiful lens effect, naturally due to a stopped down aperture, but not like a lens star I have managed to create myself - it is so clean. Here is an example: https:...
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5 votes
2 answers

How would one get a moon shot like this?

Here is the shot, taken off Reddit: As you see, the moon has a perfectly exposed shadow (you can see the details in the unlit side of it) which I want to achieve. I understand you want to have a ...
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Why does this particular lens produce sunstars with long spokes?

This image was shot with a Sony E 20mm f/2.8 on a Sony a7. The lens is intended for an APS-C sensor, but I removed a baffle to shoot on the full-frame body. I understand the basic physics of ...
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