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6 votes
3 answers

Why does an LED wall as a backdrop to dancers look worse in my shot than in my friend's?

I'm a stage photographer. Last year I had an issue when doing work for a dance company. Their last production used a big LED screen for their background. I used a Sony A7 III with 70-200 GM and my ...
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1 vote
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Are any common (optical) filters useful to attenuate overwhelming blue spotlights in live music situations?

Strong blue spotlights as typically used on outdoor stages are often so physically bright (which I guess they have to be, given how viewers perceive blue as very dark) that they provoke channel ...
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0 votes
2 answers

How can I best take low-light action shots with a Canon PowerShot SX520 HS?

I have a Canon PowerShot SX520 HS. I'd like to photograph a dance performance that will take place on a stage with stage lighting and/or spotlights. This will be a low-light action photography ...
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3 answers

How can I get better photos of people on a lit stage using a Galaxy S5 phone?

Using a Galaxy S5 cell phone in low light indoors I want to get the best shots of people on a lit stage from maybe 25 ft away. Faces tend to get blown out from white light. Post processing doesn't ...
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Any way to bring more detail back in the face in this picture of a man in dim stage lighting?

Between the quality of lighting and the fog machine, pretty much all of my pictures from this show came out like this. I do have the raw. Flash wasn't allowed. Anything that can be done to avoid this ...
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