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Is it possible to convert RAW to M-RAW or S-RAW after shooting?

Different Canon cameras offer next to RAW also M-RAW and S-RAW. These file formats feature a lower resolution but also a significantly smaller file size. Is it possible to shoot RAW files with all ...
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7 answers

Which is more efficient when shooting weddings: interpolating sRAW or shooting in jpeg?

What would you choose, if you were to, between shooting in sRAW (hence, sacrificing MP but retaining a lot more color and detail) and shooting in JPG, doing justice to the Megapixel count while giving ...
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6 votes
4 answers

What are the advantages/disadvantages of sRAW or mRAW files compared to fullsize RAW?

Are there any non-obvious advantages/disadvantages of setting my 7D to use small or medium RAW instead of large? I seldom print pictures, and the way I take photos the sensor is almost never the ...
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When shooting in mRAW or sRAW, how does the camera generate smaller files?

Most mid- and high-end DLSRs offer two or three sizes for RAW capture. When the camera is generating the medium or small sized RAW files, how does it make them smaller? Does it capture less ...
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