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Characteristic Curve for Split Toning?

We can see from the data sheet on Ilford Multigrade Paper (link) that the curve gets steeper with increased contrast and tonal range shrinks (as expected). Various techniques seek to maximize tonality,...
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What things should I keep in mind before split toning an image?

Split toning creates a nicer looks to even boring images. But only if it's done correctly. I do split toning and out of colors. I don't know what colors to use. In how much quantity. I don't even know ...
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How do I create a split-tone effect using GIMP?

How do I create a split-tone effect in GIMP? Here is an example of the effect I am looking for.
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What is split toning?

What is split toning? Some questions that seem highly related to the strict definition and might fit into an answer include: Why is the technique used? Is it achieved differently for digital vs ...
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How can I achieve this red vintage look?

I would like to know what kind of post processing I need to do in order to get a similar result to the below picture. And how much light is needed in order for this to work. My 2 cents is that there'...
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Why are there some colours missing in Lightroom Split Toning selection tool?

The Split Toning selection tool in Lightroom does not have some colours like gray, brown, black etc... for both highlights and shadows. Is there a specific reason for this?
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How to split tone in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2?

I have Lightroom 4 and Nik Software I am wishing to create various toning within a photo. What I mean by this is if I have a photo with a chair with cushions , lamp shade, rug etc I would like to ...
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How can I do split-toning black & white in SilverEfex Pro?

Using Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 2 and Lighroom 4 How do I tone different areas of photo in beige, dark, lighter shades of grey and black and mustard shades.
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