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2 answers

How to prove if image was taken on film camera?

Medium format and 35mm film cameras have a distinct look that even film emulators in image editors for digital photos can't replicate. Putting a digital photograph of Scene A next to a film photograph ...
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Calibrating monitor with lab spectrometer

I'm trying to calibrate my monitors. But I'm wondering if I can avoid buying another piece of equipment by using a lab spectrometer (in the past I've always just calibrated by eye). I'm a PhD student ...
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Spot metering with spectrometer?

Most spectrometers only have incident light sensors. Is there any kind of accessory that will allow light from a particular place to be fed to the spectrometer? In other words, if I wanted to use a ...
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Why does histogram not show color of object more strongly?

I have a Sekonic C700 spectrometer. I notice that when I makes a measurement even of a colored test card illuminated by an incandescent light, it still looks like the normal tungsten curve: It looks ...
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