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Sony is a manufacturer of optical equipment, and particularly cameras and lenses. Their main photographic line website is at:

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Adjust manual focus for sharper images with Sony RX0,for aerial photography

I am taking photos around 80m altitudes (with Sony RX0) with a moving drone,Shutter Speed is set to 1/1000 to prevent blurs,I want to take sharp images with manual focus,how should I adjust settings ?
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Show current date and time on Sony α6000

Is there any way to display the current date and time on a Sony α6000, apart from going into the menu and trying to set it? I find this feature very useful and it was very easy on my Canon DSLR, but I ...
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Phottix Strato TTL Flash Trigger Minolta/Multi Interface shoe

I own a set of Phottix Strato™ II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Flash Trigger for Sony (Minolta shoe). Is it possible to trigger these Strato II ...
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Can't get rid of hyperlapse flickering on post-processing after using Lightroom and LRTimelapse

I have a Sony A7C with the basic Sony FE 28-60mm F4-5.6 lens, and I went to one of the 3 best places in the world to see the night sky. I tried to shoot a night sky hyperlapse using the interval ...
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Exposure compensation on flash only works in manual mode, is this normal?

I just got a Nissin MF18 ring flash to stick on my Sony α7 III. I'm just wondering if how it behaves is normal or if there's a setting buried somewhere in the camera or flash that might change it. In ...
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Can my camera be saved? Or is it time to get a new one?

I am a beginner photographer and owner of the now obsolete Sony NEX 5-R mirrorless camera (bought in 2012). It has been 1) increasingly saying "cannot recognize lens" and 2) seems to have a really ...
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Is the durability of Sony SSM Autofocus Motors comparable to those from Canon L-series lenses?

Are Sony SSM autofocus motors as durable and long lasting as the motors found on the Canon L series lenses? I was told by a salesman that Sony puts quite a few motors in each lens. I see G master ...
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Can't set Sony image ratings via windows explorer

I'm having issues changing metadata for photos from 1 camera. When I load photos from my camera (Nikon D7000) I can use the details bar at the bottom of windows explorer to add tags, change star ...
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Why do I have poor image quality on my Sony a99 at high iso?

I've just purchased a Sony A99, the first version, and I'm disappointed to find the photos are very noisy at high ISO, even as low as 800 or 1000. Is this typical for this camera? Is there a way to ...
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My Sony A6000 Will not do HSS with interfit sony ttl trigger on honeybadger unleashed

Out of desperation posting here. I have a Sony a6000, and an interfit TTL remote for Sony to use with my honeybadger unleashed. If I click the sync mode button on the remote to HSS, after about 1/2 ...
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Does the Sigma MC-11 adapter work with the Sigma Canon Teleconverter?

I'm currently looking for tele lenses for Sony E mount. I haven't settled on a camera body yet, but I'll probably get an a7c. One option would be the Sigma 100-400mm for Sony E. Though without a Sigma ...
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How to live feed to a laptop to show what is on a Sony HX60 camera's display?

What available ways are there to output a live feed from the Sony DSC HX60 camera showing what is on its display? For example, can this be done using a cable from the HDMI port on the camera to an ...
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sony a7ii vs canon t7i

I am torn between a new full frame A7ii or a Canon T7i. I currently shoot on a canon digital rebel and have some kit glass i can use if I buy the T7i. I shoot many landscapes, wildlife, scenic pics. ...
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