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What are high f-stops (larger than f/5.6) good for when using compact camera?

I carry the Sony RX100M3 with me and usually shoot aperture mode (generally around f/5.6 for deep dof). I notice that my camera allows for very high f-stops up to a maximum of f/11. If I calculate the ...
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2 answers

Does aperture really matter if the subject distance is large?

I have calculated the depth of field for my Sony RX100M3. I have done so numerous times for all three parameters: focal length, subject distance and apperture. I noticed that for sufficiently large ...
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2 answers

Wireless Shutter Control for Sony RX 1

I have an old Sony RX1 - have no Bluetooth build in. I'm wondering if there is a tool out there that can turn my camera to be able to take a take a shot wirelessly. I'm open to any suggestions at ...
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Nikon D500 + Tamron 18-400 or Sony RX100 m6

I would like to buy a lens for my Nikon D500 or maybe another small camera just for travelling. I looked for Tamron 18-400 lens and Sony RX100m6, but I can't decide. As I saw, Sony has the advantages ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Sony RX100M4 viewfinder keeps popping up in my pocket turning the camera on

I have a nice 5 month old Sony RX100M4 which I bought for having an "in-pocket" alternative to my Canon 70D. It takes amazing pictures but when I have it in my pocket it keeps turning on (extending ...
1 vote
5 answers

Sony DSC-RX100 gives unnatural (depressive) colors

I am amateur photographer and I have Sony DSC-RX100. The photos it gives have great quality in terms of resolution, sharpness and crispness, but they have some "dark", "sad", "depressive" unnatural ...
2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to retract the lens on a Sony RX100 without turning the camera off?

Is it possible to retract the lens of this camera without turning the camera off? For instance it would be nice to be able to just turn the camera on to use the WiFi transfer functionality without ...
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