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Sony's line of interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs).

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Sony a7III starts shooting JPEG even after I choose RAW

Despite the fact that I set to RAW, at some point the camera begins to shoot JPEGs only. My guess is that this is related to the space available on the SD card. If so, is there any way to turn this ...
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What is a good intervalometer with bracketing options for Sony a6000?

I've been on the a6000 for a few years, and bracketing for HDR has been the hardest part of the whole camera because of the silly limitations Sony keeps insisting on leaving in place. Things like ...
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Is it possible to control focus distance of Sony Alpha 6* cameras using GPhoto2/libgphoto2?

I'm trying to find or create a solution for automated focus bracketing for my Sony Alpha 6000 camera. So far I have found only this PlayMemories Open Source application:
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My Sony A6000 Will not do HSS with interfit sony ttl trigger on honeybadger unleashed

Out of desperation posting here. I have a Sony a6000, and an interfit TTL remote for Sony to use with my honeybadger unleashed. If I click the sync mode button on the remote to HSS, after about 1/2 ...
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