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Questions tagged [sony-alpha]

Sony's line of interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs).

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Which lenses can I use with adapters on my Sony A-mount body and what are the disadvantages of such adapters?

I own a Sony A77 APS-C SLT A-mount camera. For someone who likes to experiment and is on a budget, mount adapters are tempting, since they greatly expand the catalog of available lenses and open up ...
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Why is my Sigma 75-300mm lens causing a "there's no lens" error on my alpha mount Sony?

What can I do to get my Sigma 75-300mm telephoto lens to fit my Alpha mount Sony? The lens will attach but the camera says "there's no lens". I used this lens on a 7000 Maxxum 35mm film camera.
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3 answers

Can i use intervalometer to engage continuous shooting?

Can i use intervalometer to engage continuous shooting (setting continuous with speed ~5fps on camera instead of bulb) for 20 seconds and delay/timer of few minutes ? (with sony a6000)
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Filming welding - avoid highlight clipping

I'm filming TIG welding on Sony A7 III without a welding mask. The best results with auto-focus and automatic exposure I was able to get are below - using PP10 HLG3 with Knee set to 75% slope -5 and ...
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Do old manual focus prime lenses give better image quality than new kit lenses?

Do old MF lenses give better image quality compared to new kit lenses? I have Sony a6000 and I use it with the kit lens Sony E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS. I shoot as a hobby and I am not a photographer....
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Sony SEL 18-200mm very blurry at the right part of the photo

I own a Sony a6000 and recently upgraded the kit lens (10-50) for an 18-200mm lens. The problem I face is that at the right part of the photos, mostly on wide angle, the photo is very blurry compared ...
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What focal length is best for photography of rugs?

What focal length is best for photography of rugs? I am choosing between a Sony 16-50mm lens and a 50-210mm lens. Rugs size small and medium sized 2x3m Notes :i have 2 only lenses size 16:50 mm and 50:...
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2 answers

horizontal bands on sony Ar7ii (some photos) [duplicate]

recently I acquired a sony ar7ii and have done about 2k photos with it. works amazingly, but occasionally i see these black bands. i have no idea what is causing it, and how to prevent it. any ...
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Sony alpha 7 battery for timelapse

I'm going to buy Sony a7rII anytime soon, and I would like to use it for timelapse and landscape photography. I've read that a7rII have cca 300 shots per battery, would it be possible to use external ...
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How do I use a Macro Lens for Jewelry Photography? [closed]

I've been looking to upgrade the camera I use at my job. Thinking of getting the Sony a6000. We list things on ebay to sell, and quite frankly I just don't like the lightbox, nor the camera we ...
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