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Why do these images have a dark semi-circle on the left side?

I shot these images with my Sigma 24-70 and Sony A7iii, in fog, sometimes pointed into the "sun" (it was not actually sunny but sometimes the lens was pointed towards the direction of the ...
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Where to download SONY Imaging Edge for MacOS 10.12

Where can I find a downloadable version of Sony Imaging Edge (Remote/Viewer/Edit) compatible with MacOS 10.12?
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Photograph poster slightly from side but retain all-over sharpness?

Using a Sony Alpha 7 III (Sony lens 24-240mm), I want to photograph posters and bigger signs outside. For stylistic reasons, as well as to avoid reflecting myself in the occasional glass, I do so ...
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2 answers

How to start a Sony A7iii directly in playback mode?

I don't like to hear the mechanics of the camera "coming to life" when all I want to do is review photos - often with the lens cap on! Is it possible to start Sony cameras (e.g. A7iii) in ...
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What are ways to record who took the pictures if a camera is used by multiple people?

My wife and I both like to go out photographing. We usually have only one DSLR/MILC with us, so we take turns in taking pictures. (Rarely, if we have multiple cameras at hand, they usually have ...
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2 answers

Why are there subtle off-color arcs in my photos?

Have been dabbling with photography for a few months. I took a couple of photos using a Sony A7ii mirrorless camera. It's not the best camera out there but it's fairly high quality. I'm taking the ...
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2 answers

horizontal bands on sony Ar7ii (some photos) [duplicate]

recently I acquired a sony ar7ii and have done about 2k photos with it. works amazingly, but occasionally i see these black bands. i have no idea what is causing it, and how to prevent it. any ...
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Yongnuo 85 mm on supposedly-cheap-and-good ef - nex adapter like commlite or viltrox iv

Is it combo usable, I mean the lens aperture is not dead and focuses accurately on sony a7 i?
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need help picking a lens [closed]

hello I do hope some one can help me I'm torn between the to top lens in the photo the sigma 35mm 1.4 or the Sony 35mm 1.8 the Sony is sharper and cost 1/2 the price and the chr. aberration is less. ...
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Suggestions to reduce red skin tones on Sony A7iii [duplicate]

Recently moved from Canon to Sony a7iii. My wife has pointed out that a lot of the skin tones look much more red than previously. Any suggestions on avoiding this? I've seen there is a slider to ...
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How can I finalize my selection of a Sony mirrorless camera? [closed]

I'm sure this has been asked a million times.. but planning on picking one of these up later today. I'm on the fence. I'm still finding myself so I can't tell you exactly what type of photography I'...
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How to set image preview on the Sony A7Riii

I'm used to shooting Nikon, where when you take a photo it shows a preview of the image on the main screen for a few seconds, or until you soft tap the shutter again. Is there a way to implement this ...
5 votes
2 answers

How can Sony A7r iii get more dynamic range than A7r ii from the same sensor?

Acording to this article the Sony A7r iii uses the exact same sensor as it’s ...
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Sony A7 II backfocus options

Is there any option to fix back focus for Sony A7 mark II? I know that some Nikon cameras have AF Fine Tune/AF Micro Adjustment Thanks
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Sony a7ii AF and IQ problems.

I bought the a7ii as my first full frame camera and I'm struggling to get the IQ I want. The AF is slow and finicky, especially Eye-AF, the ISO performance is really disappointing (ISO 800+ is too ...
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Manual focus not consistent with Sony A7ii + Sony 55mm 1.8. Hidden setting?

I noticed that when I quickly turned my focus ring, the focus jump in focus was rather big: with a slight quick turn, I can almost jump between near focus and infinity. If I slowly turn the focus ...
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2 answers

Remote shutter release for Sony A7rii

I'm looking for a remote release for Sony A7Rii. As far as I can tell there are none on the market and the only way is via the PlayMemories app. Unfortunately my phone is a Motorolo E which is not ...
3 votes
1 answer

Why does my Sony Alpha 77 II sometimes change to a lower resolution on its own?

I've taken about 700 pictures with my new Sony Alpha 77 II, all at the maximum 6000x4000 resolution. However, when I reviewed the pictures afterwards there are a couple at the lower 4240x2832 ...
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Can the Sony A7 II custom user modes be configured to not display on the EVF when selected?

When I switch the mode dial to a custom user mode (1 or 2), the whole user mode parameters will show up on the monitor/EVF, can I opt not to see that? It's kinda annoying when you want to switch & ...
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