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A former photography gear trademark

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What type of mount is this Soligor lens?

What is this type of lens mount? The notch seems to match Minolta MD, but doesn't quite fit the adapter, also the notch is on the bottom side of the lens (should be on top where the numbers are). ...
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What is this mount with notched tab on a Soligor lens?

I bought a Soligor 80-200mm lens. The seller told me that it is M42 mount, but when I received it, I found out that is not M42. The seller doesn't answer my phone calls. I tried to recognize it alone. ...
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How do I identify the lens mount used for an old Soligor lens?

Soligor wide-auto 1:2.8 f=28mm
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Will a Soligor 35-70mm C/FD fit on my Canon AT-1? Or do I need a specific lens mount?

I tried to click it on the usual way but it didn't work. Do I need to buy a specific lens mount? The person who sold me the lens said it worked with his Canon A-1 but perhaps he had a lens mount with ...
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What adapter to mount a screw thread lens on Nikon D90?

I have a Soligor 450 mm lens with a 40 mm dia camera body end thread connection. I would like to try adapting it to a D90 AF system. Are there adapter rings available out there for this purpose?
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