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Questions tagged [software]

Software is inherently required for digital photography, and opens up options for post-processing film as well. Questions related to the tools used for digital image editing, processing, organization, distribution, and presentation should have this tag.

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Nikon ViewNX-i and sidecar files

I wanted to use Nikon View NX-i to set the GPS coordinates in my raw files but it seems the data are always going to a sidecar file. I got a folder NKSC_PARAM aside of my raws with .nksc files inside ...
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Did Canon remove the possibility to read the shuttercount?

So, I just saw this question and it got me thinking of something I stumbled upon recently. Whenever I get a Canon camera in my hands, I read out its shuttercount using ...
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Lightroom: How to add superordinated keywords quickly?

I'm using LR 5.7 with a keyword hierarchy and have to tag thousands of photos quickly. Using the Shift and Cmd/Ctrl keys helps me assigning a keyword to a bunch of files at once. Sadly if I tick a ...
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Does anybody know software that limits amount of keywords?

Does anybody know software that limits the amount of keywords in each photo, e.g. by discarding all keywords above keyword no. 50, for example? (Of course using the given sorting of keywords) If ...
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How to view images from diskette containing .IDC files from the late 1980s?

I had a friend send me five 3½-inch floppy disks containing .IDC files. The dates on these diskettes indicate they were taken in 1989. These diskettes are all structured the same, as they contain ...
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Migrate from Apple Photos to darktable

all. Is there already a way to migrate from Apple Photos to darktable? I know it's possible to read from an Apple Photos database with AppleScript and that Lua has a Lua scripting API, so if there isn'...
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Why did "Presets" suddenly appear in my Lightroom's right click -> settings menu?

I've been using LR since years. I used to edit many similar photos just by right clicking on the photo, click on settings, and then very near "settings" appeared the submenu "paste from previous". ...
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Is it possible to view by date in Picasa?

I'm running Picasa on MacOS, and I can see all of my photos by person and by folder. But can I view them by date? Ideally I'd like to see 'virtual folders' by date YYYY/MM/DD like: ...
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Automation of export from lightroom to a presentation format (e.g. Powerpoint)

I have a few hundred commercial photoshoots in Lightroom Classic organized in a folder structure that follows this format: [Photoshoot name] => [Product name] => Photo files, some are processed ...
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Was there a Canon lens correction tool that output the lens corrected raw files for a folder of pictures?

The canon raw photo file was not lens corrected, such as the discussion in this post.(Canon DSLR Lens Correction) However, some photo editing software could not apply the lens correction itself. Was ...
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Software with GUI to edit a .CR2's metadata

I have happily been using Microsoft's Pro Photo Tools for about 10 years to batch-add keywords, location etc. to my CR2 files. Late last year it stopped working and from what I see it is a problem ...
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