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Feasibility of simulating an Imagon lens with depth maps?

The Imagon lens gets its soft focus by being uncorrected for spherical aberration, so the light rays from the outer part of the lens focus at a different spot then those from the center. The degree of ...
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How do I achieve soft, dreamy, old-like photos? (May be thru film) [closed]

How do I achieve soft, dreamy, old-like photos? (May be thru film) An example: It seems like it may be film photography? If so, how do you achieve outcomes like ...
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How to achieve this effect that looks smoky/blurred and was used in a Balenciaga campaign? [duplicate]

This effect looks like smoke with a little blurring. There are many examples of this because it has been used in some erotic movies. I don’t know if it’s a lens filter, a specific camera, a technique,...
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Vertical chromatic aberration, fixable?

In this photograph, which is a 4-layer stack of just the central area, I left the front & back soft intentionally. It has quite a strong area of what I can only call 'vertical chromatic ...
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Can the soft focus effect be created by slightly throwing the image out of focus?

Is a soft-focus image just minimally out of focus?
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If I want soft focus, should I get the Canon 135mm soft focus lens or do it in Photoshop?

I always read that when possible it's best to "get things right in camera" which I always aim for - so following that line of thinking, would it be worthwhile to get the Canon 135mm f/2.8 soft focus ...
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7 votes
5 answers

How can I capture a really soft-looking baby portrait?

What techniques/lenses/settings can be used to achieve really soft-looking photographs like this: I've got an older Canon Rebel XT with a few ...
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5 answers

How can I approximate 'soft focus' digitally?

In a previous question about soft lenses, it was suggested that much of the current practices regarding soft focus involve selectively soft focusing certain parts of the image and mattdm suggests its ...
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How do soft focus or defocus control rings work?

Lenses like this one from Nikon have a "defocus control" feature which allows you to Control the degree of spherical aberration in background or foreground elements for more creative control. How ...
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