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Enhance snowy mountain detail (high-frequency high-contrast) in RawTherapee

I occasionally have this issue where the camera software produces better microcontrast than I can via RawTherapee. I am unsure whether this is an issue with the software or with my ability to use it. ...
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How resilient are old SLRs to water damage

My over eagerness got the better of me, and I went out this evening taking some photos in the snow. The camera in use is a Yashica FX-D Quartz, which has an electronic shutter release and LED meter. ...
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Improve dynamic range in picture taken on snowfield?

I have taken some pictures of persons on a snow field. Unfortunately they mostly are quite dark, especcially in comparison with the surrounding snow. What is the best way to brighten them up (both on ...
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Why do photos of snow scenes turn out very blue?

I have photos that are much too blue and do not show the sunset colors at all. How can I make the pictures look like what I saw, using Corel Paint Shop Pro or other software? How can I prevent this in ...
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How to photograph frost and snow sparkling?

Where I live in Maine has a lot of frost and on sunny mornings it sparkles on trees and bushes beautifully. I have tried to photograph this with a DSLR (Pentax K5) but the sparkles are always reduced, ...
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Whats the best solution for carrying a camera while climbing?

Whats the best solution for carrying a camera while climbing / scrambling. basic requirements; needs to be accessible, I wont take any photos if I have to stop and take my bag off. secure, if it ...
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How do I shoot "snowy beard" portraits in studio?

I'm looking for a way to create the frosty beard with snow portrait in studio with controlled lighting. The problem is of course that snow/ice melts. Are there any fake snow/ice that is used in these ...
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how to capture snowflakes like this [duplicate] he partially explained that it was light illuminating the flakes, but it seems that the flakes are also ...
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Capturing steam coming out of a cup in a snowy day

This is what I was able to take so far: How can I also capture the steam that is coming out of the cup? I looked up some smoke photography videos on Youtube and they were all using a black background ...
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Snow creates circles on my photos, how do I prevent that? [closed]

When I take photographs outdoors during snowfall, the snow flakes creates circles in the picture and end up blurring what I was actually trying to photograph. I'm a beginner, am I completely oblivious ...
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How to capture snow flake?

Can someone explain how to capture a snow flake as a subject? I would like to know the settings and info for both DSLRs and camera phones like the Lumia 1020. (I would prefer Lumia settings; there are ...
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4 answers

Do I need a polariser for winter sports?

This will be my first year taking my DSLR to the slopes, I want to get the best pics possible. I have thought for a long time that the main thing I would need is a circular polariser to eliminate ...
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Use Nikon D3100 in snow [duplicate]

I am not a professional photographer and use a base SLR camera (Nikon D3100 with the default 18-55mm lens) I am planning to visit Switzerland (Mt. Titlis) this month end (i.e. Jan) and expect the ...
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Identify the rain cover

What kind of rain cover this photographer is using? I couldn't find anything similar on B&H and Adorama. Photo: Stylecaster, by Jenny Norris
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What settings should I use for taking a picture of snow in low light?

There was just a huge snowstorm in town and I want to go out and take some shots of the fresh snow on the tree branches. It's nighttime now and the only light is from the streetlights and a little ...
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How can I take non-blurry extreme sports photos in winter?

I currently have a Canon T3 with the basic EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens that it came with. I'd like to go out to the local ski hill though, and there is a terrain park there. Most of my photographic ...
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How to photograph a snowy landscape? [duplicate]

I am about visit Nepal for 8 weeks, planning to trek the Annapurna circuit, Everest Base Camp and Imja Tse. Most of the landscape is extremely bright and snowy. Credit: Gianni Scopinaro How do I ...
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What safety precautions should I take when taking photos in the snow?

I’m going to Queenstown, NZ in a couple of weeks and want to take my (very new, very precious) Canon 7D with me. I’ve done a little bit of research on how to protect my baby from cold climate (e.g. ...
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Are there specific techniques/filters for snowscapes?

It is fast becoming winter, and this will be my first winter that I have a decent camera, so I was wondering how to make the most of the seasons beauty. I am wondering if there are any techniques ...
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How should I photograph falling snow?

We don't get much snow in the UK, so I don't have much experience photographing it, and when I tried photographing falling snow last year I found it very hard to capture the snowflakes in the air — ...
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