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Counteract strong blue light emission from a cheap LED

First of all let me tell you that I'm a real newbie in photography, I know basically nothing. I'm trying to digitize our family slides. Just to be sure we're all talking about the same thing, I'm ...
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4 answers

How to store and preserve film negatives and slides?

I bought 35mm dedicated film scanner (Nikon CoolScan III) and I'm planning to digitize old negatives and slides I found at home. How should I store and preserve these slides and films after I cut ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Inexpensive method of digitizing large numbers of 35mm slides?

I have a huge collection (over 1000) of 35mm slides that I'm considering digitizing. So far the cheapest I've seen is ScanCafe, at $0.22/slide for large orders, that would be $220 for 1000 slides. I ...
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Using a 35mm Slide Copier with a Crop Sensor

I have a large amount of slides and negatives I want to digitize. I'm thinking about using a slide copier to do this, but own Nikon d5100- a crop sensor. After de-magnifying the image, how will this ...
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What does it mean to "mount" slide film for processing?

I just finished my first roll of a 35mm slide film and it is time to get it processed. I checked few places online and the options are to get them processed "mounted" or "unmounted". So what do ...
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Is it possible and/or a good idea to print digital photos to slides?

I've been thinking about ways to project large images onto a wall or screen, since that's a fun way to share them with a group: i.e., the classic slide show. But LCD projector resolutions are still ...
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How can I create film slides from digital photos?

I realise that this is a somewhat unconventional question as most people would like to do the reverse of what I want. I've just found a tool called Light Blaster that uses a lens, a speedlight as ...
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What are the results of developing slide film (E-6 process) with C41 chemicals?

I recently got hand on some rolls of 35mm slide film (Kodak Ektachrome), and was planning on developing them at home (bad experiences with photo labs). On a basis of budget, I wanted to develop them ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Is it feasible to use an iPhone as a slide scanner?

Is it practical to scan a bunch of 35mm slides with an iPhone?
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5 votes
2 answers

How to convert old school photo slides to a digital format?

I have a collection of "photo slides", 36mm x 24mm in size. These are intended to be viewed with a projector. I'm wandering how they can be digitized and converted to a digital format. I'm completely ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Best option for scanning a large volume of slides

I'm looking to scan several thousand old 35mm slides for historical archiving. I've got an old Canon CanoScan flatbed scanner that has the ability to scan slides specifically but its a tad slow and i'...
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3 answers

Slides in the digital era

I did use colour slides decades ago: Agfachrome, mostly. How can I achieve a similar effect in the digital era? An idea: have a 4k camera and a 4k projector - I am not sure whether this is viable and ...
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