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How can I wirelessly use the Neewer NW680/TT680 flash with the Canon 70D

I have a Canon 70D and the Neewer NW680/TT680 flash. I would like to setup an umbrella stand and use the flash externally. The flash can enter Slave mode 1 and 2 if you hold the M button but I was not ...
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Do I need a Godox master flash to use a TT685-N off-camera?

I'm planning to buy a Godox TT685-N. But I want to use it only as a slave flash. I'm trying to understand if I need another Godox flash to be the master or if my current Nikon SB-900 will trigger it. ...
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What is the flash S2 slave mode used for?

I have two Godox flashes, a V850 and a TT350. Both have built in optical slave triggers with modes S1 and S2. S1 is a plain dumb slave, it fires when it detects a bright flash of light. S2 ignores ...
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How do I get a Yongnuo YN-685 to wirelessly fire in MULTI with the YN622N-TX?

I would like to use this setup so that two flashes both fire multiple times until the shutter closes. I can get the flashes to do this individually when attached to the camera, and I can get both to ...
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What does the SL/off button on the Focus FC-286N TTL speedlight do?

I have a focus FC-286N speedlight for Nikon. What does the SL/off switch do on the back? I cannot find any reference to SL anywhere on the internet. The last few times I have used this speedlight, ...
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How can I use only the external flash on slave mode without firing the built-in flash?

I have a Canon 700D and YN-568EX ii external flash that I am using in slave mode. But whenever I try to fire the built-in flash pops up automatically and fires itself. Is there any option to use only ...
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